It was a fun holiday season at Precision CrossFit filled with holiday wod’s, birthdays, and parties. Our first ever Holiday bash was a huge success bringing everyone in the gym together for some serious good times. The Pena’s were amazing host’s and just like they love to do, they showed us all one heck of a good time.
The ladies looked hot in their holiday garb and the guys studly! Entire families took part in the festivities with one of the best white elephant gift exchanges I have ever seen. Just when you thought it could not got any better having an entire box of Dodger bobble heads given away, a 7 ft. blue fish with flames was given to Smiley! It was then stolen on several occasions becoming a very hot commodity. But make no mistake about it, it found its rightful home now hanging from our ceiling at PC! I cannot lie. This was against my wishes. However, I have decided to embrace my new fish buddy, and will probably make a shirt with it right on the front, an unofficial Precision mascot. Their were some serious great times that night, too many to count and it was only the beginning.
We spent Christmas Eve together for a fun morning team wod. We all got together for various birthdays wod’s interspersed between another awesome New Years Eve morning workout. New Years Eve was a blast however, low key as I spent it with my beautiful family, and some awesome members from the gym, who I also call my friends.
For me the highlight of the holiday period was of course my birthday. Not because of anything I did in particular, but because I got to spend it with all you. I got wonderful cards of encouragement and thank you’s, an awesome blog write up, and got to have dinner with some of my most favorite people. The best part truly was that it was unlike I ever thought I would spend my 30th birthday. I got to hang with my kids, and do the things I enjoy more than anything in this world; coach, relax with my beautiful wife, and eat! I got the option to take the day of my birthday off from running class but to be honest, their was nothing I would have wanted to do more than coach you all up in a WOD. I love Precision and all of you. I love coming in the gym everyday and enjoying dozen’s of laughs with Smiles. I love that I get to see my brother everyday. I love seeing my parents kick ass in a workout and more than anything I love coaching you all. I get so much satisfaction out of watching you all get better, we all do. Our community has grown so much and we continue to welcome new people every week. However, no matter how big we get we will never forget to treat each one of you special like the amazing people that you are. 2013 is gonna be awesome. I know we will witness some very big things and I can’t wait! Fitness-Strength-Community



250 M. Row (Easy)
250 M. Row (Mod.)
250 M. Row (Sprint)
5 Min. of Shoulder Mobility

5 Min. of Muscle Up Work
-Ring Swings
-Ice Cream Makers
-Band Transitions

Front Squat

2 Rounds


4 Rounds
5 Muscle Ups
10 Power Cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75) (95/65)
300 M. Row

*Sub MU for C2B Pull Ups, Strict MU from Knee’s, Jumping MU, or MU Band Transitions.

Shoulder Mobility

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