Our beloved Katie Crowe – Tromello had an awesome weekend up in San Fransisco trying out for the GRID League. She not only showcased the strength that she is known for but also her tremendous athletic ability. Many people do not realize the specimen Katie is and how versed she is in gymnastics. Katie definitely lit it up this weekend and impressed some heavy hitters in the process. She repped TEAM PRECISION proudly and proved what a strong teammate she can be. This is something that does not surprise any of us. As a coach I am proud of what Katie accomplished this weekend. As a brother I am utterly ecstatic. It chokes me up whenever my loved ones excel and Katie is no exception. Not bad for a wife and daughter whose life revolves around her career and family. Keep it up Katie. We are all super proud of you!! Check out the highlight video below done on Katie!


400 M. Row or Run

10 Pass Throughs

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings


Shoulder Mobility


3 Rounds (At a walking pace)

6E DB Alt. Overhead Press (Your Choice)

10 Supine BB Row (Adv. Supine Ring Rows)

10 Bar Roll Outs

10 Tricep Ext. (Your Choice)


Push Press

7 @ 60%

Push Jerk

5 @ 65%

Split Jerk

3 @ 70%

*2 Rounds 7,5,3 & 7,5,3



5 Rounds

400 M. Row

10 Shoulder to Over Head (185/125) (165/115) (155/105) (135/95)


Mobilize Shoulders

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