I got an awesome email from our very own Kelli Millwood upon the conclusion of our first quarter testing cycle. Kelli has CrossFitted throughout her entire pregnancy with amazing results and several PR’s. It just goes to show you that pregnency is not a reason to stop living an active lifestyle. There are many health benefits to working out while pregnent as I saw with my own wife. With great intelligent coaching anything is possible. Kelli you are awesome,and we can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the Wall of Blue!


Hey Mike,

Here’s a pic from today…33 weeks! I’m feeling fantastic. I had a simple fitness goal for pregnancy– don’t lose my pull-ups! I am happy to say that at 8 months along I managed to get through the 45 C2B pull-ups this week and just squeaked in under the 10 minute time cap!

I never would have thought that I’d be hitting BIG PRs these last two weeks of testing. I had 20# increases for my strict press (95#), front squat (185#), and back squat (225#). My snatch went up 5# to 105. My belly is a bit in the way of the bar path for C&J so I was a bit short of my max, but still hit 135# 🙂 It’s a bit uncomfortable to do heavy deadlifts do I skipped maxing it this cycle.

My new post-pregnancy goal is to hold these maxes (or go higher!) for the next testing cycle.



500 M. Row

10 Inch Worms

10 Worlds Greatest

10 Scorpions

10 Air Squats


Hip Mobility


3 x 8 Weighted Glute Bridge

Pair With:

3 x 6 Assisted Glute – Ham Extension

*Use GHD and add weight as necessary.


Dead Lift

3 @ 70%

2 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

3 x 3 @ 70% (Touch & Go)



For Time

100 Wall Ball (30/20) (20/16) (16/14) (14/10)

*EMOM 3 Dead Lifts (275/185) or 65% 1RM


Roll & Stretch

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