Before we take on Crush Cancer this Saturday I want you all to read Cheryl’s amazing story. This optimizes why we will wear pink every Wednesday this month, and puts this crazy CrossFit stuff into perspective. If you have found yourself needing a sense of motivation or focus, reading this is all you need. CrossFit is more than just a workout regimen, for some people it is a life saver.

Cheryl is a dear friend of my Aunt’s. I have never met Cheryl physically but when my Aunt posted about her I was compelled to want to share her story with you all. I asked Cheryl to write a guest blog post for us, but when I received it I knew I had something special. Her story was too good to only be shared on the Precision blog. It was special and beautifully summed up why we all love CrossFit so much. Cheryl words jumped off the screen at me. So I decided to give it to Breaking Muscle and they agreed with me that Cheryl deserved a national audience. I know Cheryl’s story will now touch thousands of people including you all. I thank my Aunt Minnie for putting me in contact with Cheryl as she is such an incredible individual. Below is an excerpt from Cheryl’s now published Breaking Muscle article. I bet she never thought she would be a published writer! PC I am excited to share this with you, please spread her story. It is too incredible not to, enjoy!


“That first day you walk into your BOX, it’s scary, you smell the sweat, everyone around looks so athletic. You doubt your ability to dive head first into some incredible workouts. After about 3 months I stopped looking up the WOD for fear I would be up all night stressing my proper body mechanics on wall balls in the 6 AM workout. I became stronger at work, being able to work on more clients and not getting tired after 3 clients. I began to feel proud of my accomplishments. “I can’t” never came out of my mouth. I always pushed through every workout. Then this stupid speed bump called cancer came in and tried to take over all those accomplishments. Well, I dug deep, just like I had through those insane workouts and pushed through.”

To read more of Cheryl’s amazing story please click here! THE STRENGTH TO SURVIVE: CANCER’S NOTHIN’ – I DO CROSSFIT


We will still have our 9am Lifting Club with our Crush Cancer Workout starting promptly at 10am! Anyone is welcome to join us. See you tomorrow PC!!


Coaches Warm Up


Warm Up the Crush Cancer Movements



3 Rounds/1 Min. at Each Station:


Power Cleans (95/65)

Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)


Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)

Double Unders

1 Min. Rest

*scaling options available


Roll and Stretch


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