First Meet of the Summer this Saturday 11am at Venice Barbell Club!

Head on out to cheer on:

Crystal Ploufe 75K

Rocio Ramirez 69K

Urbana Supulveda 90K

Rosa Aguilar 53K

4 x 400 M. Run
*Rest 1:1
3 x 50 M. Sprint
*Rest the time it takes you to walk back.
Box Jump
7 x 1
*Build to a relatively high box jump. Not a max height.
**Rest as needed.
Jerk Steps
3 x 3
*Work on back foot placment and sinking your hips.
Hang Split Clean
3 x 3
*Work on your back foot hitting first into position.
Split Jerk
5 @ 60%
5 @ 65%
3 x 5 @ 70%
Build to 70%
4 x 3
*Clean Grip
4 Sets
8e Rear Delt DB Row
8e Barbell Split Squats
8e Bottoms Up KB Press

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