We would like to take this time to recognize Cami Pena our spotlighted member of the week. Cami graduates from Thousand Oaks High School this week and we could not be more proud of her. She has been a member, along with the rest of her family, since we opened our doors and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow. She has steadily gotten better with her CrossFit doing more and more wod’s as RX’d. In addition, she has found a way to be diligent with her school work, play for her school’s water polo team, train meticulously for her sport, and be the oldest of 5 siblings! Cami has learned very early on how to be a responsible young adult. Her life is just beginning, and we know that she will be successful in anything she sets her mind to. We are looking forward to Cami, now that she will be in college and done playing water polo, focusing on her CrossFit training and becoming a bad ass wearing that Precision blue. She is one heck of an athlete! Happy graduation Cami! We love you



3 Rounds of (Cindy)

5 Pull Ups (Strict)

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


5 Min. of Shoulder and Hip Mobility


5 Min. of Handstand Walking

*work your progressions and have fun!



25 Min. AMRAP

1000 M. Row

Then: (with remaining time)


10 Pistols

15 Weighted Sit Ups (45/25) (25/15) (15/10) (10/5)

*HSPU sub. is 10 H.R. Push Ups. Pistols will be 10 Air Squats.


Hip and Shoulder Mobility

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