I have been a coach virtually all my life. I started coaching when I was in High School and never looked back. I absolutely love what I do and as that old saying goes I have never worked a day in my entire adult life. That being said, being a great coach takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice and often with little to no recognition. However, if you ask any coach they are ok with this, because all the recognition they need is watching their athletes perform as they find success in whatever their endeavor may be. Many of times we sacrifice days to coach an athlete at an event. We give up time with our families. We wake up early and go to bed late, and if this was not enough when we are not coaching we are thinking of ways to improve. This not only includes self reflection but doing that little bit of research that could make all the difference in that one particular athlete. I know I often go to sleep at night with an athlete on my mind, thinking about how I can improve their performance.

This is why when I received a letter from two of our newest members about Coach Jose Cobian and their gratitude towards his work with them I was so pleased. Like me, I know Jose does not need recognition for being a stellar coach, but damn does if feel good to get recognized. Jose is an incredible coach and he deserves all the attributes that come along with his efforts. What I love about the letter below is that credit is not only given to Jose for the excellence of the Precision CrossFit coaching staff, but also to Hunter and Billy as well. This tells me as the co-owner of Precision that our coaching staff is not limited to one or two coaches but to an entire coaching staff that is excellent in what they do. Well done Jose! Enjoy the moment my friend!


Coach Mike,

Mario and I want to take a moment to thank everyone at Precision who has welcomed us and supported us in our CrossFit journey this summer: from Hunter, who coached our introductory classes, and helped us understand precise movements and techniques, and taught us many helpful mobilizing techniques we so desperately needed those first few weeks. Thank you, Mike, for answering any and all questions related to anything from diet, to how to get the most out of our experience, to specific training questions. We also want to thank Billy who we enjoyed seeing on Thursdays because of his positive and supportive attitude. We are also looking forward to working more with Coach D, who we had the pleasure of meeting two weeks ago.

We want to give a special thanks, however, to Jose, Precision’s stellar coach with whom we have had the privilege of training with during the noon classes this summer. From the moment we walked into our first class with Jose, he was welcoming and ready to help us transition into the daily routine at Precision. In those first few weeks, Jose offered Mario and I individual attention, and assisted us with precise form and technique. Jose did not allow us to use weights on our bars; he required that we demonstrate proper form which helped us build a firm foundation for the basic CrossFit movements.   Despite having zero lifting experience, Jose patiently explained and demonstrated the steps over and over (and over!) again.

When we walk in the door of the 12:00 class, Jose always greets us with a smile, and we can always count on the fact that he will be there to give us support, advice and motivate us to push ourselves further.   I love Jose’s honesty and his willingness to advise me on when to add more weight, how to tweak a movement to get the best result, and his mobility tips. He often motivates me to finish a workout (even when it includes running :0), and is available after class to answer questions.   We are so pleased with our gains in strength and endurance and owe a great deal of this to Jose’s patience, sense of humor, professionalism, knowledge, positive attitude, and ability to motivate. We will definitely miss the noon class, but look forward to meeting new people in the weeks to come!

Thanks again for housing this great community.


Laura Novak and Mario Flores



3 Rounds

5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Sit Ups

15 Air Squats


3 x 5 Weighted Ring Dips



5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

2 x 5 @ 75%

*Squat on all reps.




5 Muscle Ups


15 Pistols

*Sub. M.U. for Ring Dips or M.U. Transitions


Roll & Mobilize

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