I spent this past weekend up in Nor Cal in a small town named Healdsburg. Em’s good friend Sarah was getting married and Healdsburg was the destination chosen for the destination wedding. At first I was not too happy about this. I mean who really wants to go to a destination wedding in a town that they have never heard off! We left early Thursday morning and made our way up. As we were driving it was made clear to me that Friday I was gonna have to keep myself busy, all day. Em was in the wedding and had bridal duties starting at 9:30 am. What was I to do in a small town in the middle of wine country? Especially when I don’t like wine! I could think of only one thing. Where is the closest CrossFit? So I googled CrossFit’s in Healdsburg and up popped CrossFit Healdsburg. I was shocked yet very excitted to see that there was actually a CrossFit in such a small town. I emailed the owner Sean and recieved a warm invite to come on in and train. Boom! I found something to do and knew that I could count on the CrossFit community to occupy my day.
I arrived at CrossFit Healdsburg around 11:30 and was shocked by its size and cleanliness. To be honest, I did not know what to expect as I could not find out much about CrossFit Healdsburg from its website and I had really low expecations. Shame on me for thinking such things. I was immediatly greated when I arrived at CrossFit Healdsberg by one of their coach’s Ryan and the owner Sean. The gym was well put together and had an entire Oly section for lifting. Ahh the key to my heart, a place to do my lifts! I proceeded to spend the day there. I got a great lift in, met some awesome people, and took part in a killer wod! In fact it was one of harder wods I had done in a while. 21-15-9 of 80lb DB Snatches and Box Jumps. The kicker was that it was per arm!!! This wod wrecked me and was a great time. After this I rolled my body out licking my wounds. I then went with Sean for some lunch at a great local bbq place where we had awesome conversations about CrossFit, bussiness, programming, family, etc. The day flew by and before I knew it I realized I needed to get back to the hotel to get myself ready for the wedding.
My experience at CrossFit Healdsburg was nothing short of amazing. Much like what we preach at Precision CrossFit, the community of CrossFit Healdsburg was extremely welcoming and warm. Everyone that walked in introduced themselves to me and welcomed me to their box. They all cheered for me during the most brutal parts of the wod and Sean stayed on me to get my best effort. I spent some time looking at their programming and loved what they were doing in there. CrossFit Healdsburg is a legit CrossFit with a legit community and I am so very grateful for their hospitality. It just goes to show how strong the CrossFit community is. It is everywhere and I truley feel like I have friends all over the world. CrossFit brings amazing people together that otherwise would never cross paths. I had a phenominal experience in a place where I was not expecting much. I only hope people say the same about Precision CrossFit when they come to visit. Even though I have a feeling that they do! It was an awesome experience this weekend. Oh and the wedding was fun too, hahahaha! The best part of the weekend however was hanging out with my beautiful wife who always makes me smile and laugh reminding me everyday of how much love her.

3 Rounds
50 Jump Rope Singles
10 Air Sqts
20 Sec. Hand Stand Hold

3×5 Strict T2B

Pair With:

3×5 Ring Rows

7 Min. to Find Max Thruster

2000 M. Row
3 Rounds
30 Double Unders
30 Air Squats
1000 M. Run

Coach’s Stretch

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