When I found out 3 years ago that the USA Weightlifting National Championships would be held in conjunction with Olympic Trials, I remember thinking how cool it would be to be there as a coach. At the time neither of my lifters were good enough to qualify, but they were developing quite well. Katie Crowe had a ton of fire with brutal strength and power. A former collegiate star pole vaulter and freakish CrossFit athlete, she had all the tools necessary. Then there was Crystal. She was raw, but very coach-able with the ability to make adjustments to any and all coaching cues. Her talent level was high and her competitive spirit fierce. More than anything she lacked fear…a very important trait in the sport Weightlifting.

Flash forward 3 years. Katie went on to become a CrossFit and GRID star, while qualifying but choosing to not compete at the National level in weightlifting. However, Crystal chose Weightlifting. I sit here now on a plane back from the very goal I set forth to pursue. Next to me sits the 6th best 75K weightlifter in the entire country. Back in 2013 Crystal snatched 72K (158lbs.) and Clean & Jerked 92K (202lbs). This weekend she hit 88K (194lbs.) and 108K (238lbs.). Her best lifts on record are 89K (196lbs.) and 113K (249lbs.). She is now clearly one of the very best lifters in the whole country. I could not be more proud of her. The journey here has been awesome. That raw talent has been developed, and she clearly is one of the best there is.

This weekend’s experience has been surreal. I’ve been lucky enough to coach in championship football games, at the CrossFit Regionals and Games. However, nothing can compare to this experience. It was larger than life, yet elegant in nature. To think what Crystal, Butch, and I had accomplished often brought tears to my eyes throughout the weekend. Seeing Crystal walk on that stage for what could be her final lift in a National level competition put a lump in my throat. It has been a very rough past couple of months for me. Yet one of my saving graces has been preparing Crystal for this outstanding opportunity. No matter what I was dealing with personally, her prep would distract me for a few hours. I thank her so much for this.

Now I return home and those two girls that started the concept that has become Precision Barbell have multiplied into an entire team, all with their own unique qualities and outstanding work ethics. I do not know when Katie will be back, and I’m not sure what lies ahead for Crystal, but I’m eager to see what the future holds for you Christine, Deanna, Danielle, Rocio, Alix, Kenzie, Sierra, Urbana, Evan, Chaz, and Dom. My… oh… my… what a difference a few years make. Here’s to celebrating the past and looking forward to the future.

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500 M. Row

3 Rounds

10 Pass Through’s

10 Good Mornings

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls

10 Front Squats

20 Sec. Handstand Hold



SKILL: (Rope Climb / Grip Efficiency Test)

Adv. / Int = Max reps of Legless Rope Climbs

*You may only take a 3 Sec. break at the bottom.

Scaled – Max reps of Rope Pull Up’s

*You may do in singles with only a 3 sec. rest between reps.


Adv. / Int = Max reps of Regular Rope Climbs

*You may only take a 3 Sec. break at the bottom.

Scaled = Max Reps Supine BB Row

**Record you scores.


Thruster (Test)

10 Min. to Find New 1RM

*Rep. example: 3,3,3,2,2,1,1,1 or 10 x 1

WOD: (Glycotic – Skill Test)



3 Cleans (185/125) (165/110) (155/105) (135/95)


3 Cleans


3 Cleans


6 Cleans


6 Cleans


6 Cleans


9 Cleans

*Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds.

**Scaled please sub. HSPU for 2,4,6,8,10 etc. Wall Walks or matched reps H.R. Push Up’s according to level.


Mobilize & Stretch

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