Back in June I wrote about where we were going this year in terms of the gym’s overall training plan. As I stated in previous blogs, everyone needs a goal to work towards when it comes to programming, a calendar to follow if you will. I judge Precision CrossFit’s yearly plan on prepping the gym for the Open and Regional’s. Whether you do the events or not it gives the gym as a whole an end game, a light at the end of the tunnel. As an individual you may have a separate goal for yourself or date in which you want to be at a certain point and I would be more than happy to meet with you to set a plan for you to follow to achieve this. However, for the sake of the blog our plan is based on a 52 week calendar year in preparation for the CrossFit Games event’s. As of right now we have 25 weeks until the 2015 Open and 36-38 weeks until next year’s Regional Games. The idea is to peak by the Open and let that be our 4th testing phase. I have posted our training calendar back in June but obviously it has changed a little with various athlete’s taking on different events. I try and stay up to date but you get the idea of what I want to accomplish and that is the main goal. If you would like a separate personal version of this I would be happy to send you one.

We have now finished our first quarter of programming and will begin our next quarter of testing this week. I have broken this week into only two days with the Shakedown being this weekend. I also tried to account for volume as best I could. If you are serious about hitting all these test’s or plan to be a Regional level athlete this year, please make up whatever you miss. If you are in it for health and fitness due your best to hit these test’s as well. Improvement is what we are training for and it is important to know where you stand and to log your progress. This way I can get a good gauge as to where you are at and to make adjustments for you personally so you can accomplish your goals. As I said previously I am here to make you better. All the members of Precision CrossFit mean a great deal to me. I want to see you improve and I am always available for a meeting to discuss your goals and to help you reach them. I know the Open and Regionals is not on the table for many of you so I want to know what is and will do everything in my power as your coach to help you prepare for it. I look forward to hearing from some of you and can’t wait to see all of your improvements! Please let us know if you P.R. in anything, share it and even film it. I would love to post it.




3 Rounds

30 Double Unders

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups


Shoulder Mobility


Adv. / Int: Find 1RM Weighted Strict Ring Dip (TEST)


1 Max Effort Set Unbroken Rind Dips (TEST)

Scaled: 4 x 5 Strict Dips


Back Squat

2 @ 75%

2 @ 85%

2 @ 90%

2 x 2 @ 95%



ADV: 30 Muscle Ups For Time

INT: 45 C2B Pull Ups For Time

BEG: 30 Strict Pull Ups For Time

Rest 5 Min.

7 Min.  Of Burpees


Shoulder Mobility

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