I was given the awesome opportunity to teach and Olympic lifting seminar at CrossFit Eagle Rock last Saturday. It was an amazing experience helping a packed house learn the intricacies of two beutiful lifts, the clean and the snatch. Everyone was eager to learn and brought their game faces. The olympic lifts are fun and essential for CrossFitters to learn, however extremely technical. Even experienced lifters like myself can get frustrated with them. You can sometimes spend weeks looking for that one perfect lift when the bar feels weightless as you transition under it. A beutiful feeling. However, grasping this concept and getting your body to work cohesively to accomplish this goal can be very difficult to pick up. It requires a coordination between your body and mind as well as a lot of attention to detail. I have run several other oly seminars in the years that I have been teaching the lifts. I have to say, CrossFit Eagle Rock may have been one of the best yet. The energy inside the box was electrifying with everyone cheering each other on at one time or another. The beauty was not everyone was from CrossFit Eagle Rock as CrossFitters from other gyms made their way up. CrossFit Riot, CrossFit Pasadena and a few others from their own home gyms came to learn as well. I felt very welcomed in what I consider to be amazing community. What makes CrossFit Eagle Rock more special to me is that I attended and coached at Occidental College for 8 years. I consider that area to be my home away from home and knowing that I now have a box to wod at with a kick ass owner, Paul Austad is super cool. By the end of the Seminar we had more than 15 people PR in their lifts. Some PRing in both. You could see veryone’s thinking caps on as they got better and better with each lift putting tons of focus into every attempt. Everyone got better including myself for hanging out with such kick ass people. Looking foward to the next one!!

If you are interested in hosting an Olympic Lifting Seminar at your box. Let me know at mike@precisioncrossfit.net

500 M. Easy Row
3 Rounds
20 Sec. Handstand Hold
5 Inch Worms
10 Good Mornings
10 Lunges

3×3 Weighted Pull Ups
3×3 Weighted Ring Dips

*Go as heavy as possible

4 Rounds
400 M. Run
400 M. Row

Foam Roll Everything!!

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