Today celebrates one year since Precision CrossFit opened its doors, wow! I cannot believe how far we have come in such a short amount of time. There are so many people that Greg and I would like to thank for helping to make our dream a reality. First off, our amazing coaching staff; Katie, Hunter, Daniel and Billy without you guys Precision would not be what it is. Our members look to you guys for your instruction, tutelage, and most importantly motivation. You love PC as if it was your own and because you do, you always bring you’re A game. I can’t express how blessed we are to have you. Next, I want to thank some of our oldest members who have followed us through thick and thin. Lynn, Lisa, Pat, Marty, Haley, Tiffany, Caryn, V, Gregford, Jess, Braden, Liz, Bonni, Stephen and anyone else I may have forgotten. You know who you are. You have believed in us since the beginning and it has been a great privilege to serve you and help you all accomplish goals that you never thought feasible. Your opinions matter to us greatly and we truly appreciate all your support and your help with coaching because you want us to succeed as bad as we do. To all our members and supporters far and wide we humbly thank you for your trust in us and for believing in what Precision CrossFit is all about Fitness-Strength-Community.

One year down with many, many more to come. We are just getting started with some very large goals in mind. One of them was to someday compete in the CrossFit Games, and in one year we have done just that placing Greg Smiley our beloved co-owner in the Masters division. We will see what Team Precision can accomplish come May 17th as well, fingers crossed. Other goals are to be one of the premier CrossFit’s where people come to train, not just in the Conejo Valley, but in all of Southern California, and hopefully within the entire nation someday. We want people to want to travel far and wide to train at the legendary Precision CrossFit. Big goals, but then again those of you that know us understand that we don’t do anything small. These are just a few thoughts to share with you all, hahaha.

Last but not lease, I want to personally thank Greg Smiley for being such an amazing partner and friend. He has believed in all we were capable of since the beginning and helped this young man achieve one of his biggest goals in life. Since, I was a kid I wanted to own my own gym. I did not know what kind, but I wanted one and when I had the opportunity to do so I took the leap with Greg. Although, owning a business has a ton of stresses, I would not change a thing. Literally I could be having the worst day ever, and there have been a few. But for some reason seeing all you happy people enjoying what Greg and I work so hard to build makes it all go away. I love you all and once again I thank Greg for everything he does to make it possible. To the next year!

-Together We are One

Here is the exact post from one year ago today!

We are excited to be open for business! It has been a long couple of weeks and a ton of hard work, persistence, and perseverance has led us to this moments occasion. We are ready to get the ball rolling and want to thank all our supporters out there. We will not disappoint and will be the #1 CrossFit in the area!



250 M. Row (Easy)

10 Pass Throughs

10 Inch Worms

10 Push Ups

500 M. Row (For Time)



ODD = 5 C2B Pull Ups

EVEN = 10 H.R. Push Ups


7 Min. to establish Max Strict Press


10 Min. AMRAP

1 Power Clean (185/135) (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)

1 Bar Faceing Burpee

2 Power Clean

2 Bar Faceing Burpee

3 Power Clean

3 Bar Faceing Burpee

4 Power Clean

4 Bar Faceing Burpee

Etc. until time is reached


Roll & Stretch

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