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Serious time with your local meat guys

My name is Travis one of the founders of the plaid cow society. I want to thank everyone for the support you have shown us thus far. I wanted to share why we are going through all the effort of starting Plaid Cow Society, and why we need your help to get us off the ground.

As a meat guy, I worked for a company that sold 50 million pounds of beef a year to the biggest retailers in the United States. In my years doing this one concept became abundantly clear. Within the current meat industry there are some very old ways of thinking that are out of touch with the modern day consumer. Most clearly of which was an unwillingness to be transparent and allow people the right to know what they are eating. During this time is when I decided I wanted to create a company that could do better. 

We have set out to create a company that can tell the consumer the truth and feel great about it.  We look to not freeze meat for months, help our local community, raise animals humanely, and do this all while striving to be as sustainable as possible. This is the genesis of the Plaid Cow Society.

Like all start ups we are looking to grow enough to sustain our business quickly. We did not want to do a kick-starter because it did not suit us. But where we do need your help as a community of people concerned with the state of the meat industry is to order early. We are using every bit of cash we get from early purchases to buy packaging, get staff on board, and anything deal with anything else we may need to operate and function.  So help us change this industry forever. If you are planning to order from us do it as early as you can, and it will help us immensely.

Thank you everyone again for your support. We look forward to being your local meat guys for many years to come. And bringing you meat that starts off with a set of values, not a stockholder’s report.

Thank you


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500 M. Row

3 Rounds

10 Pass Through’s

10 Good Mornings

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls

10 OHS



10 x 1

*Work to 90% 1RM. If you feel good. You may go bigger.


7 Min. Of Rope Climb Technique Work

*Adv. EMOM 5

1 Legless Rope Climb



For Time:

75 G2O (75/55) (65/45) (55/35) (45/25)

7 RopeClimbs

75 Wall Ball (20/16) (16/14) (14/10) (10/6)


Mobilize & Stretch

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