Precision CrossFit we have an awesome community! You all show up everyday  and work your booty’s off. You love, laugh, and have a great time day in and day out. We are a giant family with a mutual respect for each other. This being said we are constantly growing. We add new members ever week and in order to ensure our community grows efficiently we need to make sure we all follow some basic guidelines. Your actions effect everyone including the coaches. Please help us give you the best experience possible. Let’s take a good look at these rules and regulations. Thank you!

1) Introduce yourself and welcome all new members and people visiting Precision CrossFit. Everyone should feel welcome at P.C. like we are extended family!

2) Please follow the class schedule. The coaches will lead you through the class. Please do not jump ahead. This will ensure you are always coached!

3) If you want extra help with your lifts please come to lifting club. Coach Mike and Coach Butch dedicate these times to you. With so many lifts to look at we need you help us help you!

4) If you have a concern or would like additional help please tell a coach. We will accommodate you!

5) Never walk in front of a lifter, especially right before they are about to lift. It takes away their focus.

6) The lifting / skill area is at the back of the gym unless told differently by a coach for that day. Please go there first and foremost for all extra programming!

7) Keep Chalk in the buckets at all times. This rule is constantly broken and chalk ends up being smashed into the mats.

8) Clean up after yourself. This includes racking your weight and wiping down the area / equipment you used. Especially after HSPU’s!

9) Keep the bathrooms clean. Throw paper away I constantly find pieces all over the floor which gets tracked into the gym. Please take the extra time to pick up after yourself.

10) The sink is not a shower. Don’t use it to bathe. Showers will be coming soon!

11) Bring a towel to the gym to wipe yourself down with. The towels in the bathroom were not made to wipe down one’s body.

12) When you’re done with your workout cheer on others. I hate awkwardness and like when people cheer for each other. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

13) Don’t ghost ride! If you drop your barbell and it bounces 2ft in either direction you are ghost riding. Control your weight. This also helps the equipment last longer.

14) I love people hanging out after class but please do not hang out at the front desk area. That area is for gym business only, thank you!

Thanks for following these rules so we can all have a more bad ass experience at PC!


2010 Sectionals

Going back in the day for Matt V!!


4 x 150 M. Row

*Rest :30 Sec.


Mobilize Shoulders and Hips



2 S.H.S.P.U.



5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

2 x 5 @ 75%

*Squat on all reps.



4 Rounds

9 Squat Cleans (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)


Rest 2 Min.

30 Squat Snatch (75/55) (65/45) (55/35) (45/25)

30 C2B

750 M. Row


Mobilize Shoulders

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