I have gotten so many awesome messages and comments regarding various PR’s from everyone. I thought I would share a few of them with you all!

“Hi mike! This time last year I could not do one pull-up. Today I did my first WOD without a band and did 30! Had a weighted PR dip of a whopping 10lbs. And 5 consecutive ring dips. I had been working on my doubles with a different technique the last 2 weeks. Doing the bigger jump without out a rope to work on my muscle memory and stamina. Thou it felt awkward, I was able to legitimately (way was doing them before was so ugly couldn’t really do them in a WOD as I was gased) link 5-10 at a time. Now it’s just a matter of getting efficient with them. It was a great day for me today and I look forward to much much more growth!! Yeah!!!!!”

“This time last year I could not do 1 SOH at 65lbs. Today i did Grace with 65lbs in 5:07! Though still taking a long time for me to gain strength-I am improving. Better news I still feel relatively weak compared to how strong i have been before and think I can be in the future. Thanks!”

– Jenny Chen-Edwards.

“Hey Mike! I had to tell you about some awesome stuff I’m really excited about after being at Precision for just about a month: (a) Yesterday, during the 7 min. of burpees, I actually FELT my abs! That’s not a normal occurrence for me. I’m very appreciative of all the core-specific work that we’ve been doing as it’s a huge weakness of mine. (b) I basically cut my Diane time in half today! It was 13something before, and today it was 6:43! I did a double-take of the clock because I couldn’t believe it. Oh yeah, and (c) I did 45 chest to bars yesterday (singles, but I got them done). I failed miserably during the Open this past year during the C2B event. I just wanted to thank you in case I forgot to do it later in person. So….thanks to you and the other coaches!!! Stoked for more (good) pain and more gains. :)”

-Candice Ryu

“New Grace PR 7:34. Followed by 1000m row in 4:07”

 “PR city! 1rm front squat 245. Fran Rx 6:38! If I don’t pass out at work today from exhaustion it’ll be a huge accomplishment.”

-Alex Braham


400 M. Jog


2 Rounds

10 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions

10 Good Mornings




3 x 60 Front Plank w/ 1 arm hold

*10 Sec. Forward, 20 Sec. Left Arm, 10 Sec. Forward, 20 Sec. Right Arm.

*1 Min. Break


3 x 10 Ass. Glute-Ham Ext.

WOD: (Compare to 6/11/14)

5K Row For Time (Test)


Roll & Stretch

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