I have gotten so many awesome messages and comments regarding various PR’s from everyone. I thought I would share a few of them with you all!

“Ron Gronkowski weighs 265#, therefore I back squatted the gronk today and pr’ed by 30 pounds. ‪#‎perspective‬ ‪#‎daminoismywitness‬ thanksMichael‘s crazy awesome programming”

-Lauren Young

“I had hit a wall with anything over #125 overhead, since the first time I hit 125, about a year ago. This morning I finally got over the hump with a #5 PR on my clean and jerk!!!! Super excited for my future numbers. Thank you Michael Tromello for that wonderful programming!”

-Alyson Cleal

“Pr’d at 265# right before these attempts. Some things need to be cleaned up but i am happy with the pr.#crossfit #precisioncrossfit”

-Mitch Sortillon

“And just like that… I set a goal of 180… And I successfully hit 185lbs. My 120lb body is FREAKING STOKED YOU GUYS!!!!! Thanks @wodgear and #PrecisionCrossfit!”

-Christine Rees

“PR’d on my back squat today! I couldn’t be more excited. I took my once 185 PR and killed it today at 225! I couldn’t have done it without my precision family and the amazing @mtromello ‪#‎precisionfamily‬ ‪#‎precisioncrossfit‬‪#‎tromelloprogramming‬

-Kenzie Levine

Keep the PR’s coming! There have been so many it is hard to keep count. You guys have all worked hard! Way to kick off the new testing cycle with a bang!!!!



100 Double Unders (200 Singles) 

*Get them done at an easy pace.

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)

15 Push Ups


5 Min. Hip and Shoulder Mobility


Push Press

10 Min. to Find New 1RM



EMOM 20 

ODD: 10 / 8 Calorie Row

EVEN: 10 Wall Ball (30/20) (20/16) (14/10) (10/6)

*Score = total time it takes you for your final round of Wall Ball.


Roll & Mobilize

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