What’s scarier? An athlete with nothing to lose because they have everything figured out beyond the athletic arena? Or, an athlete with everything to lose because the athletic arena is everything to them? I have been a coach on championship Football, Water Polo, Cross Country, Basketball, and Baseball staffs. I have coached National Weightlifting champions, OCR champions, CrossFit Games Medalist, and have found success in a plethora of other sports with a wide variety of different types of athletes. I have even won championships as a player myself. You know what the difference is between those that succeed in sport, and those that don’t? It is not talent. In fact talent is a non-factor. At the higher levels everyone is talented. It is mentality. Those with nothing to lose because they understand life beyond athletics are the most dangerous athletes I have ever coached. When they “lose” they learn from and understand it is a part of the process. When they “win” they get that it is a product of what they do in and out the athletic arena. That makes them dangerous. Those that make sport their life. When they “lose”. They feel as if they have loss everything. When they “win” they don’t know to appreciate it because they gave up everything else to get there. At Precision I encourage everyone to create a life outside of sport. They need to to value what they hold dear whether it is family, education, faith, relationships, and everything in between. Those that do are the most successful. Why has Precision been represented in CrossFit Games events since 2012. It is because we have nothing to lose. We already have everything.

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Broad Jump
4 x 8
*Rest as needed.
Snatch Extension + Snatch
2 + 2 @ 65%
2 + 2 @ 70%
2 + 2 @ 75%
2 x 1 + 1 @ 80%
Full Clean w/ Re-Grip
4 @ 60%
4 @ 70%
3 @ 75%
2 × 3 @ 80%
Clean Extension
3 x 3 @ 105%
3 Sets
6e Rear Delt DB Row
6 T-Bar Row w/ Rope or Chain
6e Landmine Press
ODD: 20 V-Ups
EVEN: 45 Sec. Weighted Plank

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