Parking Instructions

All Parking will take place in front of and around Chalkline CrossFit, which is up the street from Precision. There will be limited parking in the Precision CrossFit lot so please plan accordingly. In addition, some of our neighbors will be coning off parking for their businesses please be respectful of these cones and do not move them for your own vehicle.

Chalkine CrossFit (0.2 Miles away)

5311 Deery Ave.

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Tent City 

We will have a tent city area in the back of the gym. Please do not set up anywhere else. Thank you!

Spectators & Athletes

There is no fee to come out and cheer on your box! Please do so!

No dogs please

No Smoking or alcohol. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY! You will be asked to leave and no refund will be offered.

Event Schedule

2:30    Athlete Check In and Warm Up

3:00    Introduction and WOD Review

3:30    WOD 1

6:10    WOD 2

4:00 – 8:00 – Floater will be open – Sign Up at Check In

8:45  Awards (following final Heat)




Advanced & Intermediate

Partner A – Max Effort Cal Ski Erg in 90 Sec.

Partner B – Max Effort Double Unders in 90 sec. (Scaled Singles)

30 sec Rest/Switch

Partner A – Max Effort Double Unders in 90 sec. (Scaled Singles)

Partner B – Max Effort Ski Erg in 90 sec.

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