This weekend we are meeting at the Oak Park High School track.

Address: 899 Kanan Road, Oak Park

The track is located in the back of the campus. Daniel will be at Precision at 8:40 and leaving at 8:45 if anyone wants to meet to caravan over with me. The track may be tough to find if you don’t know where you’re going.

We will begin our group warm up promptly at 9:00 am, so come ready.

Make sure you eat a good breakfast, don’t skip eating. Bring water and a possible snack if you tend to get hungry. If you have a pace watch wear it. The class will end around 10-10:30 am and after, many of us will be heading back to Precision to lift, work skill, do a workout or anything else. Open gym still exists for those who are curious.


Coaches Warm Up


1x100m – walk 100m
1x200m –walk 200m
1x300m –walk 300m
1x400m – rest 5 minutes

1 mile run

Rest 5 minutes

1 mile run


Cool down and stretch

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