Every year after the Open concludes I begin prepping for next year’s season. Although, we are still very much involved in the 2014 season with Regional prep going on for a handful of athlete’s it is important to begin preparing the rest of Precision for 2015. Why you ask? Well when training for anything you have to have a goal, something to train for and in doing so you can create a timeline. My goal is for Precision CrossFit to do well in the Open every year. It is a personal choice for me and really all it does is aid in my prepping of the gym, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. Now, this annual plan is for Precision as a whole. You may have your own individual goals and events you want to train for in which case I will go back to the drawing board and adjust what you see below individually for you. As a gym I know of the big events that people will take part in and I want them to succeed so I include them. Below, is a rough outline of what next year’s prep will look like starting in June. Throughout the year I will add to this training plan and take things away, constantly making adjustments. However, one thing will always remain constant the amount of weeks I have between June and the open, which is 39. Now, although I start my chart from June, I have begun my prep as of today for everyone. The Regional athletes are focusing hard on the separate Regional programming that I designed for them (this is open to everyone by the way) and the rest of the gym I have begun focusing on technical efficiency work in both the lifts and gymnastics. I have advised my coaches to pay attention to detail and to break down movements with more focus. I want to take advantage of the extra 8 weeks or so I have to make Precision, as a whole, better movers. This is before we start building our strength base for next year and hammering hard on our yearly plan. I share all this with you guys because I want you to know how much work I put into you all and the planning that goes into your success. My goal is to be better every year so that you can become the best you can be. I am excited for the future at Precision and can’t wait to watch Katie Crowe and TEAM PRECISION represent you all at Regionals this year. As I stated on Sunday before team training, we have 127 members currently all of which worked collaboratively to give them a spot in the So Cal Region. Even though only 7 will be competing come May 23 they are representing the other 120 people that busted their asses to help get them there. We are a TEAM first and a part of something much bigger than ourselves. See you in the gym Precision!




500 M. Row


3 Rounds

10 OHS

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 Muscle Snatches


5 Min. of Hip and Shoulder Mobility



4 x 5 @ 60%



20 Min. AMRAP

2 Snatch (Start at 60-70% 1RM)

50 Double Unders

(Add 10lbs every round)

*Score = total tonnage and final weight lifted.


Hip and Shoulder Mobility

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