A quick note on our programming… I have been saying this to all the classes I coach. However, that does not mean everyone has heard it. Yes, as of right now we are in an Open Prep Cycle. Does that mean you have to do the Open? No. It means that when I programmed the year out, I used the Open as an end point, a goal for which I wanted my athletes to be at their very best, whether you do the Open or not. Each cycle programed went through various progressions to prepare people to be fitter a year from where they started. Each cycle offered a new stimulus designed to change things up so that you did not hit a plateau or get burned out. This is common with CrossFit as things become redundant. The human mind likes change and enjoys new stimulus. By changing up the cycles, domains trained in, and energy systems stressed, I was to keep a linear approach to the programming. This in turn helps make you more fit. Each year those that follow the programming achieve a higher fitness level. So how do I continue this? It means I have to come up with new ways to stimulate athletes within the programming to help them achieve higher levels. This is why the average Precision member looks fitter than most when people enter the gym for the first time. They have followed the programming in all its forms for several cycles and their nutrition tends to be more on point than most, whether they take advantage of the expertise of Daimino Stewart or have their own knowledge. Programming for Precision can be a heck of a task, but it’s really fun for me. I view it like a puzzle. I love trying to piece it together. Now we are in an Open prep cycle, yet again, for the 6th time. Doing the Open means nothing. You never have to do it. The goal is to prepare you if you want to or to offer you a change of pace to increase your fitness levels. Keep working hard, people. We deload next week!

Fitness – Strength – Community


400 M. Run or Row

3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 Snatch Extensions

10 Snatch Pulls

10 OHS


Shoulder Mobility


3 Rounds (At a Walking  Pace)

ADV: 1 Legless + 1 Regular Rope Climb / INT: 2 Unbroken Rope Climbs / BEG: 2 Rope Climbs From the Floor to a standing position.

ADV / INT: Max Effort L Sit Hold / BEG: Max Effort L Sit from a hanging position.

8 Clean Grip OHS (Your Choice)



1 Power Snatch + 1 Full Snatch

*Touch and go as long as possible.

**Work to a heavy complex.

WOD: (10 Min. Cap)



Bar Facing Burpees

Power Snatch (75/55) (65/45) (55/35) (45/25)


Roll & Stretch

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