Now that we have spent a week with the new programming format. I want to offer you all my thoughts on it. Precision is known for its programmimg so you can guess my thought process when approached initially about a change. I often find that no matter how much I explain it many still don’t quite understand my process for creating Precision’s programming. So when thinking about making the change I was reluctant due to the overwhelming work that would lay ahead of me. Here is why.

Strength and Conditioning programming is never supposed to be random. There should always be a well drawn up plan with a start and end point. This plan should have check points along the way that measure improvement. When it comes to CrossFit more attention to detail is needed with regards to other sports. Most strength plans are written to go in one direction towards athletic performance. This requires the use of sport specific lifts and drills to help an athlete make gains, or in terms of fitness lose weight and tone. When it comes to CrossFit you now have to think outside the box more and come up with 4 plans that will work simultaneously to achieve one goal. These plans include one for Strength. One for Gymnastics, and core stability. One for the workouts that will progress throughout the year hitting all 4 energy systems. In addition, these workouts must progress with the other programs. However, they cannot jump ahead of athlete development which leads to the last piece of the puzzle. The fourth component is one that must be dedicated towards accessory movements and development. It is often the most overlooked component. These are important to make sure the stabilizer, and smaller muscle groupings get developed in order for those to see better results, and truly make body composition changes. As you can see… a ton of thought goes into our yearly programming. Honestly, I don’t think many including other CrossFit coaches can clearly understand and grasp the concepts I have laid out here. It’s not just throwing stuff against a wall and hoping it sticks. There is so much more to it then that. 

So when asked about adding more fitness driven programming to our classes. I was a little hesitant. One, I knew how comprehensive our programming was, and two… I knew it would be way more work to essentially write an additional plan that counter balanced the original plan. In addition, this new “FIT” (Fitness) plan would have to correlate with the “WIN” (Performance) plan to make sure they all went in the right direction. Not only this, but they would have to be all inclusive, and have the ability for one in class to be able to choose daily on a specific section that works best for them. Moreover, I wanted everyone to have the ability to be able to alternate through both bouts of programming. These goals made writing our new “FIT” programming a heck of a feat. Once again… I don’t think people truly understand the amount of thought that goes into Precision’s programming. So far I love it and I think you all do as well. I’m happy to make Precision accessible to all. Now I hope everyone can take part in the Precision methodology. Please spread the word.

Not to toot my own horn but I’m the best at what I do. I see things differently than most. Programming speaks to me in its own language and I’m happy to always share it with you all. Make no mistake. This is what I do for a living and I want to be the best at it. Education is key for everyone. Hopefully by learning my process it will help you all take your fitness that much further.

Fitness – Strength – Community

400 M. Run or Row
10 Swimmers
10 Wall Slides
10 Wall Facing OHS 
2 Rounds 
10 Lunge w/ Pass Through
10 Good Mornings 
10 OHS
5 Inch Worms 
10 Scorpions 

3 Rounds
ADV: 2 Strict T2B + 4 Kipping T2B + 2 Bar MU
INT: 2 Strict T2B + 6 Kipping T2B
BEG: 2 Strict T2Ring + 4 Kipping T2Ring
Pair With:
20 Hollow Rocks
6 x 3
*Build to a heavy triple.
10 T2B
100 FT. DB Single Arm OH Walking Lunges (70/50) (60/40) (50/35)
10 Bar Muscle Ups 
100 FT. DB OH Walking Lunges

3 Rounds
8 Strict T2B
20 Leg Lifts Over a KB
10 Hollow Rocks
BB Split Squat
4 x 8e
20 AbMat Sit Ups
100 Ft. Goblet Walking Lunges (53/35) (44/26) (35/20)
20 V-Ups 
100 Ft. Goblet Walking Lunges
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