Regional’s is this weekend and I know many of us competing are getting anxious. Heck, if you weren’t feeling those nerves than you are not human. It is gonna be a wild three days but one thing will remain constant. We  can count on each other. Regardless of what happens this weekend competing always brings the best out of someone. Whether you believe it was your best or not it is important to remember the journey. What got you to this point? How much blood, sweat, and tears did you spare in preparation? What has driven you? A handful of thoughts will run through your minds this weekend but as long as you remain confident in yourself than nothing can truly stop you. Daniel and Katie are gonna be two of the best individual athletes out there this weekend. I know, that we are placing the best 6 athletes out there to represent Precision CrossFit. Heck even our alternates are bad ass. You want to know why? It cause we believe in ourselves and are fueled by our community to carry us through each WOD win, loose, or draw. If you fall flat on your face, we will be there to pick you up. If you lack confidence, we will be there to place some back in you. If you feel like quitting, we wont let you. We all got each others backs and that’s what makes the community of CrossFit special and it sure as hell is what makes Precision CrossFit special. I know I will witness a “sea of blue” out there to cheer us on this weekend. We are ready to bring it and what makes us scary is that even we don’t know our actual potentials. We have no expectations which makes us dangerous. Besides, even if we don’t do well. There is always lots of beer at the end anyways! Cheers and good luck this weekend team!


800 M. row

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)


3xMax Effort Head Stands

Pair With:

3×10 Hollow Taps


3×5 Strict Press (75%)




Thrusters (95/65) (75/55) (65/45) (55/35)

Pull Ups


Foam Roll

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