For those of you interested, the Regional training plan for TEAM PRECISION will be posted here. The team will be practicing 3 days a week. However, they have seperate programming, much like many of our other athletes, that they are following. Our blog currently is for our members’ fitness goals. Please keep in mind that I’m only posting the practice plans to this blog. This is just a taste of what they are actually doing throughout each week. Our fourth practice was 4/20/15 and they will practice again tonight 4/22/15.


2K Synchronized Rowing

*Switch on coaches command at random.



ODD: 5 Cleans (185/125)

EVEN: 10 Weighted Pistols (53/35)

WORKOUT #1: (All 6)

For Time: (Follow the Leader)

30 Wall Ball (20/14)

50 Double Unders

30 GHD Sit Ups

30 Pistols

30 Min. Break

Workout #2: (Duo)

Teams of 2 (Guy / Girl)

2 Rounds

60 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24)

60 KBS (53)


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