For those of you interested, the Regional training plan for TEAM PRECISION will be posted here. The team will be practicing 3 days a week. However, they have seperate programming, much like many of our other athletes, that they are following. Our blog currently is for our members’ fitness goals. Please keep in mind that I’m only posting the practice plans to this blog. This is just a taste of what they are actually doing throughout each week.
For those of you that would like to join our team practices, you are more than welcome to. Please keep in mind that there will be absolutely no scaling of these workouts. They are designed for the advanced athlete only. Our first practice was yesterday night 4/7/15. The team will be getting together collectively from here throughout the rest of the week to complete the 2014 Individual Regional workouts in succession. The men will be going at different times from the women. Starting next week, we will have practices at 7pm on Wednesdays, 11am on Saturdays, and 10am on Sundays until the week of the California Regional. If you are interested in joining them or want to inquire about custom training programs, please email info@precisioncrossfit.net for more details. Good luck this year!


2K Synchronized Row

*Every 10 – 30 Sec. Alternate to a different athlete’s pace. That athlete will determine whether it’s faster or slower.

SKILL: (With a partner)

For Time:

50 Strict HSPU

*One partner must hold the handstand position while the other works.

WORKOUT #1: (Follow the leader)

Teams of 6 alternating guy / girl.

For Time:

12 Muscle Ups

30 Pistols

15 Clean & Jerk (135/95)

*The next person may start and move along as each station in front becomes available. Can’t move on or passed the teammate in front of you at any time.



Men Teams of 3:

3 Rounds

30 Thrusters ( 135)

2 80ft. Rope Sled pulls (Five 45# plates)

*Bar cannot touch the ground on Thrusters.

At the 10 Min. Mark:

Women Teams of 3:

3 Rounds

30 Thrusters (95)

1 (80 Ft.) Rope sled Pull (3 plates)

*Same thruster rules apply.

**Men must subtract the weight and reset the Prowler and Rope before women can start.

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