Regionals is next weekend and we got 10 athletes representing Precision CrossFit in the biggest competition outside the games. Although, we cannot rep Precision CrossFit as our official affiliate due to not being open prior to the online qualifiers starting. We will be representing Precision Blue in full force. For those going next weekend we are Team Fast representing our old affiliate CrossFit FAST. This is bitter-sweet for some as many on the team do not wish to rep an affiliate other than our own. I on the other hand feel it is a fitting way to say good-bye to a place that I literally helped build with my own two hands. Four years of my life I spent their coaching CrossFitters, Oly Lifters, and youth athletes. I watched FAST grow from a 1,000 square foot gym to the over sized giant it is today. It’s where I began coaching Lindsey Benson, or as you all might know her today, the great Lindsey Valenzuela. It’s where I prepared my brother Daniel for the NFL Combine and where I helped many CrossFitters reach not only their fitness but also their competition goals. In fact, I prepared over 40 athletes for CrossFit competition in my tenure at FAST. I made them stronger, helped them learn the essential skills of CrossFit, programmed their daily workouts, and coached them through countless competitions helping them gain experience for events like the So Cal Regional. I never missed a comp that one of my athletes competed in and never made excuses as to why I could not make it. If I was gonna coach them I was gonna see them through to the end.  FAST is where my CrossFit journey began allowing a company like WOD GEAR to find me as an athlete to represent their brand and to be a programmer to their biggest competitions. It’s where Billy Farah and I created The Shakedown Team Series. It opened up the doors for other athletes to follow my programing and methodologies and most importantly it gave me a reason to open Precision with Greg and Marty. Next weekend will be my official send off to CrossFit FAST a way of saying thank you for all the years. Out with the old, in with the new…PRECISION CROSSFIT!


3 rounds

10 OHS

5 Pass Throughs (Over)

5 Pass Throughs (Under)

10 Circular Rotations (windmills)

20 Sec. Hand Stand Hold

10 Lunges w/ Pass Through


Band Shoulder Mobility Stretches


Stability Work

3×5 Hollow Rocks into Superman’s

Single Arm Support Holds

3×10 sec. each arm

*Work from a regular push up position. Then to a bench. Then a parallette. Then a ring. How far can you get!

**Regional Athletes Work DB Snatch Technique as well


15 Min. AMRAP

15 Push Press (95/65) (75/55) (65/45) (55/35)

30 Lateral Squat Jumps (over parallette)

45 Ab-Mat Sit Ups


Foam Roll!

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