I would like everyone to meet Riley my baby girl. Born yesterday at 1:10 am she is 7lbs 1 ounce and 20 and a half inches long. She takes my breathe away and I am excited for you all to meet her. Both Riley and Emalee are doing very well and will be going home tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving.

*Also, I did not forget about your Battle of the Boxes re-cap it is almost done. I just got distracted, duh!


200 M. Run

2 Rounds

10 Inch Worms

10 Air Squats

10 Scorpions


3×5 Ball up into Extensions

Pair With:

3xMax Effort L Sits


Close Grip Bench Press

1 @ 75%

1 @ 85%

1 @ 95%

3 x 1 @ Max




For Time

1000 M. Row

30 Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder (135/90) (105/70) (90/60) (50/35)

*May use the sandbags or med-balls


Foam Roll

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