Saturday was an awesome day filled with back to back competitions. One at Valley CrossFit where we witnessed Michelle and Claudia battle it out as a team in the “Femme Royale” competition, and the other at Grudge Fitness with 4 teams representing PC proudly in the C.A.L. Partner Competition.

Although, Claudia is not member of Precision, she may as well be, representing us along with her home box, CrossFit Synapse, proudly. She and Michelle made a great team as they accepted coaching extremely well, and never gave up. A major highlight of the afternoon was when they took 4th place in WOD #2, which consisted  of an AMRAP snatch complex, and max effort 53lb KB Swing. It was clear that both athletes training had been paying off as they executed their game plans in every workout with, wait for it, precision! Michelle’s focus during her complexes and T2B was very special, her competitive spirit was awesome, and you could tell she has a real hunger to do well in this crazy sport we love. It was a fun Saturday morning cheering them both on as they claimed 13th place overall.  It was also awesome to see the support that showed up to cheer on this single team in Coach Jess, Cory, Jose and James. Well done ladies!!


At the C.A.L. Co-ed partner competition we had 4 teams representing us. Daniel and Katie, who need absolutely no introduction, were clearly the team to beat. Mike G. and Kristen, whom were looking to throwdown with the big dogs, were ready to make their mark. Mike a competitor with tons of experience under his belt and Kristen in her first ever RX’d competition. Jeff and Katie R., two of our bad ass masters athletes were looking to beat the young guns out there. Adam and Christina, were our rookies, this being Adams second competition and Christina’s first.

All our teams represented PC proudly. They all showed a ton of grit and determination with every single one of them finding a ton out about themselves. Daniel and Katie, of course, were the competitors that they are never letting the field touch them in a single event. They were flawless in almost every way with always staying calm in their execution, which gave them a first place overall victory! Mike G. put it all on the line out there with some serious gut checking workouts. He stayed focused and gave each workout everything he had. He was phenomenal with his rowing and T2B efficiency, and was awesome to watch battle it out as always. Kristen was extremely impressive handling weight that was outside her comfort zone. She spilled Mike when he needed it most hitting huge double under and KB sets. Her competitive spirit was uncanny, and as her coach I could tell what a bright future she has in the sport of CrossFit! As a team they also took first in the row for calorie workout, and 4th overall, well done guys! Jeff and Katie R. were easily the highlight of the competition for me. They took 5th place out of more than 30 teams, and they are in their 40’s! They executed their game plans flawlessly and definitely learned something about themselves as competitors. Jeff looked very strong out there having a 5th gear in which he never knew he had. His rowing efficiency was awesome, and his KB swings the fastest by far of anyone else in the intermediate division. Katie R. always has trouble comprehending what an amazing athlete she is. So far, she has done two competitions, and has gotten 3rd and 5th place! She is a beast whom never loses her cool, is extremely competitive, and always has a smile on her face. She is a joy to coach, who like Jeff has a 5th gear now not easily matched. Adam and Christina, the rookies of the group, showed no signs out there that they were newbies to competition. They easily held their own against some other great teams! Adam was a beast with his gymnastics staying perfectly sound during his T2B regardless of how tired he got. He also showed tremendous heart spilling Christina whenever she needed it and hitting big sets of KB swings and double unders. Christina was equally as impressive showing fantastic poise and tremendous efficiency in her hang snatches. She proved she belonged out there amongst some serious bad ass females. I was very proud of how she handled her first competition and I know there are many more in her future. All teams were great this weekend. Bravo to you all!!





Alright Precision, you asked for it, you got it! I introduce your first “AVENGERS” WOD… “Hawkeye”.



4 x 500 M. Row

*On sets 2-4, Men try and maintain a 1:38-1:43 pace. Women 1:45-1:50. Do the best you can and have fun!!

Rest 1 Min.

Then: 5 Min. of Shoulder and Hip Mobility


10 Min. to Find 1 R.M. Back Squat



3 Min. AMRAP

7 Burbee Box Jumps (24) (20) (12)

7 Thrusters (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)


3 Min. AMRAP

Row for Calories


3 Min. AMRAP

7 Burbee Box Jumps (24) (20) (12)

7 Thrusters (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

*Score is total reps and calories combined

**All advanced women must do 24 inch box jumps. RX athletes must use axle bar or 145/105 for thrusters.


Hip Mobility


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