Hey all a few things,

1) We will be having an on-ramp course at 9am this Saturday. This will be great for those of you looking to finish your 6 on-ramp courses. It will also be good for anyone new to CrossFit looking to try it out. Come on by if your interested.

2) We will be having our same scheduled Team workout at 10am. This wod is also mandatory for all those competing on the Regional team as we only have a few weeks to do them all together.

3) For all those interested, immediately following the 10 am wod we will be heading down to CrossFit Anacapa in Ventura for their grand opening. They will be starting wods at 11am for anyone wanting to get a second one  in and serving some grub from the Ventura Meat Company. Should be a great time!!

It has been a great first week here at Precision CrossFit! There have been some big PR’s and some awesome battles. Fitness-Strength-Community!!



Coach’s Warm Up


3×2 Jerk (80%)


TEAM WOD #2: (Teams of 4)

1000 M. Row

25 Pistols

15 Hang Cleans (225/135) (185/125) (155/105) (135/95)


Teams of 2

20 Handstand Push Ups (for time)


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