I have been really exhausted as of late with the school year starting back up put together with my efforts to make Precision successful. Since, my little guy takes up the rest of my time and energy I rarely have gotten a chance to re-charge my batteries. I had the week of October 8-12 circled on my calendar for quite some time. Knowing that I would be traveling to Catalina, CA with the HW 7th graders for a 4 day, 3 night camping trip, which would included hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, games, and camping. Although, I was excited for this time I was also very worried. I have never been away from my little guy for that long, as of yet. Em is towards to the end of her pregnancy, and although I have an amazing co-owner of Precision CrossFit in Greg Smiley, I was still worried. How would the world I had help build over the past 6 months exist without me? However, I knew that I needed this time for my own sanity. Hanging out with kids for a week is amazing for self-reflection. In my experience with kids of all ages I have found 7th graders to be my favorite. They are maturing adolescents, but they are still kids at heart. They are curious, energetic, and hopeful. They still look up to their teachers and believe in hero’s. Although, I am not a fan of camping or hiking, I knew I would enjoy my trip if I enjoyed having fun with my students. I definitely had a great time. Every day we were active. I had a tremendous time seeing all the smiling faces daily. It truly was a rewarding experience. I did get some rest time however; I even got a wod in. In this time I was able to think about the future and reflect on where I want to go. In this reflection, I always felt really good about where everything was heading. I have never been one to want to change things unless they absolutely need changing. I love where Precision is going. I love working alongside Greg and helping to build something special for you all. I feel our community is growing daily and expanding constantly. We are inviting new people into our family on a regular basis as you all live by our calling card of Fitness-Strength-Community. Sometimes, it can be hard as new people come into the folds but our gym is, and will always be inviting to everyone and that is because of all of you. In coming back into town Thursday and talking to Greg, Daniel, and Em. I realized that life went on without me. That Precision was just fine and kicked ass with out me, and that my little guy, although he missed me terribly, was just fine without me. This made me feel really good. It showed me that I could afford to relax a bit when needed, and everything would be ok. However, it also re-energized me. It motivated me to want to be better, to improve on the foundation that had already been built. I gave me my energy back to put forth into my daily life. I guess hanging with kids for a week will do that to you. I loved my trip from the amazing snorkeling off the Catalina coast to the stories around the campfire with smores and skits. I had a great time with lots of laughs. I even enjoyed our hike and pulling cactus needles out of the leg of one of my female students. The wod I did, which included an ocean swim, something I always wanted to do, and 2000 M. of soft sand running was invigorating. One of the coolest things was having all the kids cheer and scream for Coach Arroyo (HW Soccer coach) and I, as we battled it out against each other. I am always talking about health and fitness with my student’s making them do burpee’s and squat’s on the regular. Having them witness my workout was something they were all extremely impressed with. In fact, they could not stop talking about it for the rest of the trip. I have always been one to lead by example, and I know doing that workout in front of all the kids will make it that much easier to teach them come Monday. It was an awesome experience, and to top it off, on the way home the boat stopped in the middle of a school of dolphins. So cool!

My body and mind are now rested, and ready to move forward with my goals to help make your lives better. To all our members past, present, and future. Greg and I care about you as people. Our goal is to make you better in every avenue of your life. You come first always! Fitness-Strength-Community!

3 Rounds

20 Double Unders (60 Singles)

10 Front Squats (45/35/15)

*Work on doing unbroken sets

3×3 Weighted Pull-ups

*Go as heavy as possible

Front Squat

5×3 @ 80%


5 Rounds

12 Front Squats (115/75) (95/65) (75/55) (65/45)

12 Burpee Pull Ups

24 Double Unders

*Compare to 5/3/12


Hip Mobility

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