Today was an awesome day at the box! The classes were full and rocking with high energy. People went outside their comfort zones and got vertical. We had many people walk on their hands for first time with Jamie doing her first ever handstand. Pat got a kipping handstand push up, well actually several in the wod and everyone had an awesome time! The support was amazing as you can really feel the awesome family being created in the box. We also welcomed more new members with Melanie almost completing all 6 On-Ramp courses in one week!! She has one left to go and is very determined! If anyone runs into a new member please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome to their new home away from home. Good times!!


Coach’s Shoulder Mobility


Stability Work

Single Arm Support Holds

3×10 sec. each arm

*Work from a regular push up position. Then to a bench. Then a parallett. Then a ring. How far can you get!

**Regional Athletes Work DB Snatch Technique as well


Snatch Balance

3×2 @ 65% OHS Max

Power Squat Snatch

x 4 @ 75%

x 4 @ 80%

x 3 @ 85%

x 2 @ 90%

x 1 @ 95%

*Those newer to Snatch. This is a great day to work your technique as much as possible. Have fun with the movement and learn something about yourself! Trust us you will get a great workout!!


Foam Roll & Lacrosse Ball Shoulders and Lats

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