This workout is about managing your grip and pacing. It is a gymnastics workout… not a DB workout. The DB’s are in place to tax your grips. I recommend breaking your T2B’s up early 8,8 / 6,6,4 / 4,4,4 / singles! Do your power cleans 7 rest, then 1 and start your lunges. Figure out where you need breaks this workout and schedule them. On the Lunges go 25ft then set them down, turn around, and pick them up to lunge back. Only the top athletes will run through this unbroken. This is all about managing what you can and for many of you… it will be about getting to the Bar MU to chip away at as many as you can. Those of you with the gymnastic threshold to do high rep muscle ups think 2’s and 3’s to save your grip. Regional level athletes should be thinking 4 to 5 rounds. However, those that can get into 6 will be punching a ticket. Obviously this will require much bigger MU sets. Those good at gymnastics should be thinking about finishing the 4 rounds under the cap. The rest of us should make it a goal to get through 3 rounds. For those of you working on your Bar Muscle Up’s… this is your time to shine! Here we go!

P.S. Please check my breaking Muscle feed this morning for further and more detailed insight. 

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400 M. Row or Run 

10 Lunges w/ Pass Through 

10 Good Mornings 

10 OHS 

5 Inch Worms 

10 Scorpions 





MIN. 1: 25 Ft. DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (50/35)

MIN. 2: ADV= 2 T2B + 1 Bar Muscle Up / INT= 4 T2B

MIN. 3: 4 DB Power Cleans

WOD: (This workout has a lot of moving parts so please be patient tomorrow. Thank you!)



2 Rounds 

50 Ft. DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 

16 T2B 

8 DB Power Cleans 


2 Rounds 

50 Ft. DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 

16 Bar Muscle Ups 

8 DB Power Cleans 

*Weight = (50/35) (35/20)

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