The 2013 Summer Shakedown went down in epic proportions last Saturday at Red Wolf CrossFit. It marked the end of a very long August for me which consisted of a ton of hard work, patience, and perseverance to put on two very large events. But this event, as always, is about the CrossFit Community and for me the awesome athletes of Precision CrossFit getting a chance to showcase their talents. We were represented in epic proportions by 16 amazing athletes who made up 4 separate teams.

“Team Smiley” consisted of the incomprobable Greg Smiley, the young gun Mike Gallardo, and two of our female master’s bad asses Lynn Gay and Claudia Ragsdale. On paper this team was the oldest in the competition with an average age of 40! It would be older but Mike brings it way down, hahaha. However, if you ask anyone on this team, age was just a number as they wiped the floor with our three younger teams. They proved that team work and experience play dividends in competition as they claimed 19th place overall in a feild that consisted of 70 teams. The wod’s were fierce and the level of competition very high. For this team to do so well communication had to be key and it was. Smiley led his troops into battle laying out solid game plans for his team to follow. Mike Gallardo hit crucial gymnastics sets on the T2B and muscle ups when the team really needed it. Claudia and Lynn showed their strength handling the axle bar thrusters and clean jerks with ease. All of this perfect execution claimed top honors in a very tough competition. I could not be more proud of this team and the way they never settled for anything but the best.

Team “Three Vikings and a Wookie” consisted of a very good mix of athletes. My wife Emalee was one of the athletes on this team, which made me very excited to watch them. This was Emalee’s first major competition since giving birth to our daughter Riley. I was extremely excited to see how she would do as she is one heck of a competitor. In fact two years ago before she became pregnant with our son, Emalee was one of the best female competitors in the gym. Now that she is training again, I cannot wait to see what she can accomplish. Crystal Riggs made up the other female and is a veteran to large competitions representing us in Regionals every year, while also being one of the top lifters in the nation. I looked at Crystal to put this team on her back as she showed tremendous resiliency throughout the day. As always she made the weight look light as her speed of rep was second to none. The men consisted of Allen Hill an athlete new to competition but with a ton of high level potential, and Greg Marx one of our veteran competitors who always leaves it all on the line. Going into the final workout this team sat in 12th overall demonstrating just how much talent this team was made of. However, after the exhausting last workout which claimed many, they fell to 27th overall. This team on paper had a ton of talent and with just a little bit more experience together who knows what they could have accomplished. However, what this competition was truly about was a group of four amazing individuals coming together to have a great time and kick ass and that is exactly what they did!

Team “A Cup” was made up of our youngest competitors at Precision CrossFit with an average age of 23. For the majority of them, this was the biggest competition they had ever done. On paper they are the young up and comers, the future if you will. They are full of talent but are still learning how to quite use it. Jose Cobian and James Kitka made up the men on this team adding a spark of energy whenever it was their turn to throw down. They laid it all out there at times showing signs of how great they could become. Michelle Qayyum and Kristen Secklar made up the women as they too showed signs of brilliance while also showing how much work still needs to be done. On paper this team was the best, however when all was said and done they claimed 38th place. As a coach I would have it no other way as I truly believe one learns from their own failures. It showed them all how much work is still needed in order to accomplish their goals. It gave them examples of where they need to be and added new objectives to their preparation. They put it all out there in very competitive loud heats and held their own. I am excited for the future of every one of these athletes. I can’t wait to see them all blossom into the bad asses I know they will become with time. Here’s to the future!

Team “Ice Cream Cake” seriously was the only team that lived up to their name, literally. Having Richie Martinez, Mr. Ice Cream Cake on the team said it all. This man proves every time he competes that he is not there to mess around. With his singlet on and all, yes he wore a singlet and was dead serious, Richie Martinez threw down. He showed tremendous strength in his lifts and when his team needed it, huge reps on the muscle ups. Combining him with Seth Ruff another one of our master’s bad asses and you had one heck of a powerful combination of strength and skill. Seth holds his own at any level with the weight and has a powerful motor. When combined with his gymnastics skills, Seth is an asset to any team. This and he always remembers to have fun! The women of this team consisted of Sara Nicholson and Liz Schimpff both strong women in their own right. Sara was an alternate for our Regional team this past year with the 2014 regionals in her sites this year. She is a strong competitor now with every moment in CrossFit in her tool belt. She is a fierce competitor, maybe the fiercest in the gym and when she comes to compete no one puts it more out their then her. Combining her with Liz is awesome because she loves to compete at a high level but never forgets to have fun. Liz constantly works to better herself in every way as an athlete. She never ceases to amaze as she always does what is necessary to help her team succeed. This team was an awesome mix of talented individuals all of which claimed 44th place overall. They pushed it to the bitter end always looking strong in each of their heats.

Precision CrossFit placed 4 teams in the top half at the Summer Shakedown. What is special about all of them is they formed all by themselves. These athletes came together to throw down without me telling them who to pair with and held their own. We do not have a competition team at Precision CrossFit but choose to treat our entire gym as competitors letting them decide when the time is right to compete. I am so proud of every one of these 16 athletes. I am looking forward to the Winter Shakedown and the CrossFit Games Open to see where all our athletes will place in the future. Great job Precision CrossFit, I am proud to be your coach.




5 x 250 M. Row

*Rest 1:20 Between Sets.

**Mobilize shoulders during rest periods



4-7 Strict Pull Ups


Front Squat

3 @ 60%

3 @ 65%

3×3 @ 70%


“JACKIE” (Compare t0 5/10/13)

1000 M. Row

50 Thrusters (45) (35) (15)

30 Pull Ups


Foam Roll & Stretch

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