Precision, going into the last two weeks of the CrossFit Games Open season, you should be proud of where you stand. The bell has been rung on several occasions and you have answered it. You have proven as a collective whole that you are one of the strongest gyms in all of the world not only physically, but very sound gymnastically as well. Every one of you has improved. You have PR’d. You have gotten first muscle ups. Even those of you that have failed have now realized how much closer you are to accomplishing that goal then you ever were before. You have showed up every week of the Open with smiles on your face and have cheered. Many of you learned how to let the little things go. I am so pleased with how relaxed the gym is and just how positive the energy is. TEAM PRECISION sits 3rd in So Cal and 38th, yes 38th, in the world because of all of us. Yes, there are 6 scores listed every week. However, those scores do not happen without all of you. All of your support. Your push, drive, and willingness to grind it out next to the top athletes pushing them to be great. Of course they want to do well individually, but you can sure as heck feel that they want to succeed for all of YOU! As a community you drive them. Your positive energy propels them and I know they love you all. In return they want to see you succeed and I have witnessed them coach you to climb mountains. When they go to the California Regional this year, they know that they are representing all of Precision. I am so very excited for the next two weeks and to give you all the athletes that will be representing TEAM PRECISION this year. Keep it up Precision. Remember we are all in this together because “Together We are One!”



400 M. Jog

10 High Knee’s

1o Toe Touches

10 Inch Worms

10 Lunges

10 Side Lunges (Each Side)






4 x 800 M. Run

*Rest 1:1

**Score equals total time.


Roll & Mobilize

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