Being on a team requires more than just commitment it requires sacrifice and not just a little bit. In order to achieve the goals in which you may set for yourself you must devote countless hours to working on your craft. Then you must be measured and at times be told you are not quite good enough. When you do make a team it is an everlasting high but then you must earn a starting spot or work diligently towards keeping it. Someone is always out there who wants it more than you do. It is as satisfying to be on a team as it is grueling with every triumph providing an immense feeling of satisfaction and every failure providing a feeling of utter awfulness. A true teammate will do anything for their team, pushing that much harder because the team is bigger than they are as they care more about the name on the front of the jersey rather than about the name on the back. TEAM, look at that word and think about it. Everyone will have their own interpretation of it, what it means to them to be on one. Good or bad it brings out a person’s true character. At Precision we strive to be a collective team. Team Precision is not comprised of just 7 athletes but all of Precision CrossFit. They represent the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our wall of blue. The 7 athlete’s that make up this year’s Team Precision are products not solely of their own merits but of us all. When they compete at the So Cal Regional this weekend they know that you all put them there, that you are pulling for them and that you all love them.

As Precision CrossFit grows it is important to always understand this. Only one time a year do we separate our gym in order to prepare a separate team. In doing this we know very well that this team represents the gym as a whole. We know that the 7 athletes competing will be proudly wearing the Precision blue. I have made it clear that this team is about more than just them. It is a extension of our family. They are our friends, brothers and sisters and together we are all one. Precision CrossFit I give you this years Team Precision!

jessbattle JESS GOESER   danreg2012 DANIEL TROMELLO

20140318-160937.jpg CRYSTAL RIGGS  dstewart DAIMINO STEWART

kristenshake KRISTEN SECKAR  josebattle JOSE COBIAN



500 M. Row or Run


2 Rounds

10 Front Squats

10 Good Mornings

10 Push Ups




Handstand Push Up Work

3 x 3 Wall Walks


3 x 8 (High Incline DB/KB Bench Press)

*Find a tolerable load. Last 2-3 reps should be tough.


Clean Complex

1st Pull + Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean

5 @ 70%

5 @ 75%

3 @ 80%




Hang Clean (185/115) (155/105) (135/95) (95/65)

Bar Facing Burpees

*Advanced Athletes Strict HSPU


Mobilize Shoulders

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