TEAM PRECISION currently sits 4th in So Cal and 45th in the world after Week 1 of the CrossFit Open! There were several noticeable accomplishments, including several clean & jerk PR’s: Crystal Riggs at 230, Katie Tromello at 227, and Jose Cobian at 310lbs! In addition, Daimino Stewart and Jessica Goeser took top honors for the gym while making their individual Regional pushes, taking 32nd and 20th respectively in So Cal. Chrissy Baron, Katie Crowe, and Kristen Seckar also had stellar performances placing 33rd, 43rd, and 87th in So Cal. Keep in mind that there are 234 Teams in So Cal, 4,452 Teams in the World, 6,664 Men and 4,657 Women in So Cal. So these are massive accomplishments. This year everything is harder as only the top 15 teams and 20 men and women will get invited to the first ever Super Regional with So Cal and Nor Cal combining to form one large California Regional. That said, we are pleased with week 1.

On the Masters side of things…Alison Locke currently sits 10th worldwide in the over 60 masters category while Lynn Gay sits 43rd worldwide in the 50-54 category! Greg Smiley and Mattias Wikstrom also sit top 200 in the world at 128th and 172nd. This is some pretty awesome stuff as only the top 200 in the world make it to the online Regionals in April! Let’s hear it for our bad ass Masters athletes and gear up for 15.2 this week.

We still have 4 more weeks to go. It is important to remember that we are doing the Open to have fun and see what our gym is made of. Keep the energy high and your minds positive. Remember: it is just a workout. We are all in this together as everyone wearing blue is a part of TEAM PRECISION. It is important that you all know and remember that always! For this reason, I was fighting with myself in regards to putting our stats up; however, as I always say, you should always celebrate your victories regardless of how big or small. Way to go Precision. Keep on keeping on!



3 Rounds

5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats





ODD: 20 V-Ups

EVEN: 60 Sec. Plank



3-1 Clean 

(Rest the remainder of the minute)

*Start around 45% 1RM and work to a heavy single.



For Time:

100 Burpees

*EMOM 5 Lateral Squat Jumps.


Roll & Stretch

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