Now that the 2013 Wod Gear Team Series is over I would like to reflect over this competition. A lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to getting the job done at all costs went into play to make this event what it was. We started planning it months ago as the programming process alone had to be tested and re-tested over and over again. I feel good with the final product that we put out there but understand one very important thing, it could not have been accomplished without my team! Having Paul Austad from CrossFit Eagle Rock has always been a blessing. We work so well together and always think on the same page. Then you throw in my brother, an added edition this year, and you have a real recipe for success. The three of us are one hell of a team on the programming end, and when it was game time we communicated effortlessly to make sure the event ran well. When combined with the efforts of Scott Clauson, Gabriel Pelino, and Rich Truong nothing was going to stop us.
In watching the competitors hit the workout floor, many looked prepared. It was awesome to see the excitement on everyone’s faces. They were all so happy to be there. The competition floor looked great, as Chris Worden and his Functional crew worked tirelessly throughout the night and day to put out a solid product. The day before Cal Tech just looked like another college campus, and at times it seemed like nothing was going to get accomplished. However, perseverance and a solid work ethic prevailed. This was not our first rodeo by any means, and the 2013 Wod Gear Team Series that you all saw was created. Now it is important to understand that although we had gone through the set up process month’s ahead of time, there still were a ton of things left up for interpretation by the time we actually began creating the event. In this short amount of time we had to figure it out, all the way down to some very minor details. If I went into detail it would most likely make your head spin, as ours definitely was at times. We got the job done though battling the heat which over heated our clocks, and watt bikes, two fork lift breakdowns which threw off our timetable and some other unforeseen issues. Yet, we always knew one thing, we would prevail in putting together an epic competition, and that we did. With the help of a solid volunteer/judging crew the event ran very well. Our judges were incredible asking great questions and staying constantly engaged. They worked long hours in the hot sun all for a free meal and a t-shirt. Every single one of them told me how much fun they were having. Definitely one of the best crews yet. The Wod Gear Team Series brought the CrossFit community a fun throwdown that definitely tested fitness across all domains, and at the end of the day I do believe the fittest team was definitely crowned!
Although, I was very busy will everything the day of I want to reflect on some of the bad assery I saw from our 3 Precision teams. The Precision Masters team consisting of Jeff, Jeremy, Michelle and Kristen had two members who were arguably the oldest in the completion. However, they held their own as I watched Jeff and Jeremy destroy their sprint-tri portions, go big on the squats and come closer than many other teams in finishing WOD #3. Getting to the bar muscle ups was a big deal, and this team made it there. Jeff and Jeremy looked strong with their clean & Jerks and T2B, while Michelle and Kristen looked like two of the strongest female competitors out there. Kristen was awesome in the Tri and strong in WOD #3. Her gymnastics were spot on and she hit a bar muscle up, which she just learned previously in the week! Michelle was very impressive in her swim, I had no idea she could swim like that! She then nailed her old back squat PR for 2 reps showing just how strong she is getting. This, and she was also out there repping 125lb clean jerk’s like it was nothing. Michelle as a competitor has come a long way and I am excited for hers and all these great athlete’s futures in this sport.
Team “Go Wall Balls Deep,” consisting of Cory, Mike, Sara and Haley were also super impressive as I watched them take one of the top times in the sprint-tri. Their motors were bad ass and Cory’s finish on the mile run was awesome! Watching them in WOD #3 also was very cool as Sara showed what an amazing competitor she is becoming. I also got to watch her in the tri briefly as she never looked tired. In WOD 3 she was repping weight, crushing T2B and nailing bar muscle ups. She is a beast! I know she has several Regional experiences in her to come, and I look forward to aiding her in this journey. She is one fit girl! Hayley was her consistent self as always crushing the tri and going big on the squats. She picked the weight up in both wod’s like it was nothing. I love watching her and hope to see her in the games someday as a Masters competitor. Mikey G. was a beast as well destroying his swim and showing great leadership among his team. When asked to, he strung big clean sets together proving that he is getting stronger and stronger. He is one of my most reliable athletes in competition and I love seeing how good he is becoming.
Team Precision, what do you say about these 4 bad asses. You got Regional juggernauts in Katie Crowe, Jessica Goeser and Matt Verbrugge to go along with our Masters CrossFit Games athlete Greg Smiley. The sprint-tri was no problem for this crew, as I watched Matt V kick his mile for an epic finish under the time cap doing exactly what he needed to do. The other 3 were consistent as always and in WOD #3 the ladies showed how bad ass they were repping the 125 lb clean & jerk, a weight many were struggling with. They also crushed their gymnastics helping the team claim first in their heat and a top time for the day. Smiley of course was a beast on all fronts being vocal as leader, and putting together big sets when needed. I am proud of this team and all that they accomplished coming in 17th overall out of 80!
The Wod Gear Team Series was a success and I thank everyone involved especially Precision CrossFit, Greg Smiley and my wife for allowing me to put on these crazy events. You give me to the community when you could just keep me all to yourself. Thank you and I love you all! See you at the Summer Shakedown!!


3 Rounds

250 M. Row

15 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

5 Pull Ups


3 x 60 Sec. Plank Hold


Strict Press

5 @ 65%

3 x 4 @ 75%

Pair With:

Bent Over Row

3 x 5 (Use your Strict Press weight)





C2B Pull Ups

KB Swing (70/44) (53/35) (44/26) (35/18)

Burpees to a 6′ Target


Roll and Stretch

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