With all the hoopla of the CrossFit Games it did not get a moment to write an official good bye to one of our beloved coaches, Sam Chang. It has been in the back of my mind for two weeks now. However, I did not want to write it until I could place all my focus on what I wanted to say.

I met Sam when he interned for me at Harvard-Westlake in 2013 and then again a year or so later at the 2014 So Cal Regional. He wanted to coach at Precision and was willing to do what it took in order to do so. This is Sam. He always show’s a will to want to grow as a coach and learn from those willing to teach him. He is persistent and not afraid to put himself out there. These are traits that I admire in a person. Sam came to Precision as an intern a few months later and then grew into the phenomenal coach we all know now. He is passionate about what he does and is extremely reliable. On top of this… Sam has a deep love for others. I’ve developed a lot of coaches throughout my years with Sam easily being one of my favorites. I honestly wish Sam could have stayed with us forever. However, where Sam is going… Precision was eventually going to be a stepping stone. All great coaches need growth. Sam grew as far as he possibly could have with us. Although, he moved on due to his relocation to the Torrance area. I knew the day was going to come eventually. Sam is ambitious. He is not afraid to go after what he wants. Because of this Sam is going to be great at anything he does. I am honored Sam was a coach for us as long as he was. I feel I was privileged to have been able to mentor such a great man. I know I was hard on him at times… sometimes too hard. This is because I love him and truly consider him a part of my family. Those who know me well know I love hard. I want those around me to be succesful and I will push them hard in order to attain it.

Sam I want to thank you for your dedication to Precision, for your unwavering support throughout the years, and for your love of what we represent. You said it in your post: “Together We are One.” You’re a massive reason why this rings true for Precision. Wherever you go and whatever you choose to do know that you will always be a beloved part our Wall of Blue. Thank you my brother from the bottom of my heart. Good luck and kick ass!

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400 M. Run 

10 Walking High Knee Holds 

10 Walking Flamingos 

10 Walking Lunges 

10 Inch Worms 

10 Side Lunges 

10 High Kicks




Back Squat

5 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

2 @ 75%

5 @ 70%

3 @ 75%

2 @ 80%



4 Rounds

400 M. Run

24 Air Squats 

24 Burpee 6″

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