7 weeks from today the first week of the CrossFit Games Open will be upon us. This is what many of us have trained for and for others it is an exciting time that the whole community takes part in. Beginning January 15, 2014 open sign-ups begin via the CrossFit Games website. Everyone from Precision will be asked to take part in this exciting event. For 5 weeks one WOD a week will be posted live via the CrossFit Games site. Every Thursday night and Sunday morning P.C. will turn the gym into a fun competitive atmosphere where we will compete alongside each other with judges, heat schedules and the whole deal. It is the time of year where Precision CrossFit will have the opportunity to see where we as a gym stack up against the rest of the world and our region, So Cal. It also gives us as individuals a chance to see where we stack up as well.

Upon the conclusion of the Open the CrossFit Regional Games occur throughout the month of May. Ours occurs May 23-25 in Del Mar, Ca. Here the top 48 men & women along with the top 30 teams will be put to the test for a chance at 3 spots to the CrossFit Games. Last year we qualified 3 individual athletes (Katie, Jess and Daniel) and a team (Team Precision) for Regionals. We also qualified one athlete to the Games in Greg Smiley who represented his gym proudly as the 9th fittest 46 year old in the world! This year things will be different as we have several looking to compete as individuals and fight for a spot on Team Precision, once again. The stakes will be high but as a community we will and must support one another. We must train hard for opportunities that will not be handed to us and through perseverance we will be successful. 7 weeks Precision CrossFit, 7 weeks to show the world who we are once again!

-Together We are One



5 x 250 M. Row

*Rest 1:20 Between Sets.

**Mobilize shoulders during rest periods



5-7 Strict Pull Ups

*You may kip once fatigue sets in.


Front Squat

5 x 5 @ 75%


“JACKIE” (Test compare t0 5/10/13 & 9/9/13)

1000 M. Row

50 Thrusters (45) (35) (15)

30 Pull Ups


Foam Roll & Stretch

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