I know that I have not written anything other than re-caps and birthday posts in a long while. I have just been so fantastically busy! Between the Team Precision and Tromello Programming athletes dragging me all across the nation as well as the daily programming and operation of the gym, I have had trouble finding time. Honestly, I used to write as a way to stay more involved. However, now I am seeing everyone so much more! I have never felt more a part of my own gym than I do now. I have settled into an awesome groove coaching so many of you. I have gotten to spend time with my coaching staff and help aid their development more. In addition, I have been  writing and speaking more on camera for Breaking Muscle about my true passion for CrossFit, competition programming, and gym running. In case you were wondering where these articles are, you can find them here: ARTICLES BY COACH MIKE. This year I have pumped out so many more articles and videos, been a part of Podcasts, and have even done interviews for other magazines based out of the UK! In addition, look for the Tromello Brothers Podcast via Breaking Muscle coming out next week! In addition, I have added to my movement library here: TROMELLO PROGRAMMING MOVEMENT LIBRARY. As you can see, my wheels have been spinning and although I have not blogged as much as in the past, I have been working really hard to bring Precision and the CrossFit community tons of new info and advice, especially with the 2018 Open upon us and all the changes! Precision, I am loving what 2018 has in store for us all. Wodapalooza and the Beachside Beatdown was an incredible experience for our athletes with amazing performances and podiums! The Team Precision athletes and the Wall of Blue have never looked so good and I am truly excited for this year’s CrossFit Games Open. Remember, we all help our team qualify for Regionals and this year will be the most competitive yet. We need everyone’s help to get TEAM PRECISION back to it’s 7th straight Regional. It is now time to put the past year of programming to the test! Wall of Blue… are you ready?


Fitness – Strength – Community

400 M. Run or Row
10 Walking High Knee Holds
10 Walking Flamingo’s
10 Walking Lunges
10 Inch Worms
10 Side Lunges
10 High Kicks

3 Rounds
Max Effort L Sit 
1 Min. D-Ball Hold (150/100) (100/80) 
3 Rounds
Row Sprint 30 seconds
-Rest 30 seconds-
Row Sprint 30 seconds
-Rest 25 seconds-
Row Sprint 30 seconds
-Rest 20 seconds-
Row Sprint 30 seconds
-Rest 15 seconds-
Row Sprint 30 seconds
-Rest 10 seconds-
Row Sprint 30 seconds
*Rest 2 Min. Between Rounds
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