I had a conversation recently that made me ponder a few things. The conversation was about Regional attendance. Why did certain gyms have more people show up vs. us? I felt I had a pretty good answer to this.

Many of the gyms that showed up in large numbers had one thing or another in common. One, it was their first time making it to Regional’s. Two, they had a superstar athlete that owned their gym who was looking to go back to the CrossFit Games. Three, they were local. As in the Regional venue was relatively close to their affiliate.

Did we show up to Regional’s? Of course we did! Did we have huge numbers like some gyms? No, we did not. However, that’s ok. Here are my reasons why.

First off, we were the furthest north Southern California gym to qualify for Regional’s. Due to the fact that our gym is now full of families with small children. It’s hard for many to travel like they used to. My own brother couldn’t make it down due to the challenge of traveling with his 18 month old. This being said. I believe there is another much more glaring factor.

You see for many of us. This was just another Regional for Team Precision. We have made it every year since we opened in 2012. It’s not that our membership doesn’t care we made it. It is that we always do. So it’s kind of become expected. We walk into the gym every day and see the banners and name tags hanging. It is normal to see it and becomes routine. When people drop in they are always very impressed and astounded by our success level in the competitive arena. To them it’s fresh and new. There is a “WOW!” factor. Let’s not sugar coat it peeps… Precision wins. We’re good at it, and you know what? It’s become expected. It’s become normal. Normal is not impressive. Why do gyms who qualify for the first time show up in large numbers? Because it’s different! It’s a big deal. It’s not normal.

I’m glad that our success level at such high levels has become normal. However, keep in my mind that when you win and win often. It can becomes lonely. When I say “win” I don’t mean taking 1st place. I mean finding success that is uncommon. I write about perspective quite a bit. The next time you walk into the gym take a good look around. Success is everywhere from the walls, to the individual’s taking class, to the beautiful children who fill the play area. Our gym is uncommon. We all accomplish uncommon things… together. That is why we love it. However, don’t let it become normal. Remember, “success breeds success”. We should all strive to be uncommon. Realize that what’s happening around us is not normal and it’s why we love Precision CrossFit

Fitness – Strength – Community

400M. Run or Row
2 Rounds
10 Lunge w/ Pass Through
10 Good Mornings
10 Front Squats
5 Inch Worms
10 Scorpions

3 Rounds (At a walking pace)
5 Strict Chin Ups
5 Strict Dips
10 Landmine Row w/ Rope
Row for Max Meters
*Teams of 2.
**Switch off every 500M.

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