My apologies for not blogging much lately. I have been so busy with the prepping of our Regional Team and focusing on the gyms programming for the next year that it keeps slipping my mind. I guess that is a good thing though. All of you are on my mind and I am focusing so very hard on making you all a better version of yourselves. In my recovery I have had so much time think and really take a step back. Although, my Achilles is still healing and nowhere close to 100%, my body has never felt better. I am enjoying the challenge of modifying workouts to get the most out of them and most importantly coaching 24/7. As of last week I was able to start playing with my kids again. Although I am slower it was a huge step for me in the recovery process. As I wrote in a blog previously when my injury first happened the ability to play with my kids was my biggest priority. My healing would be judged by how I could effectively do that and it is nice to know I am getting better every week. Mentally I am in a great place and am stoked to see what each day brings as Precision has some big things ahead this year. Moving forward one day at a time and kicking ass. See you all in the gym!




4 x 250 M. Row

*Rest :30 Sec.


Shoulder and Hip Mobility


7 Min. of Bar Work

-Hollow Holds

-Hollow Taps

-Bar Push Aways


Butterfly Work


Back Squat

5 @ 65%

4 x 5 @ 70%



For Time:

49 Pull Ups

7 Back Squats @ 85% 1RM

*Regional / Advanced Athletes OHS (185/115)



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