I cannot believe it has been 3 years since Greg and I opened our doors. Precision started in my head, a dream really, well before I even had the guts to talk about opening it. In fact I did not even know if Precision was going to be a CrossFit. It was not until I fell in love with the sport and realized that a place like Precision was needed among the local community that I decided to turn it into a reality. Greg at the time was just a client of mine, paying me to be his coach and to possibly help him get to the CrossFit Games. We all know how that worked out, haha. Needless to say, I was afraid to open up Precision, scared out of my mine of failure. Then I had a conversation with a dear friend and member, Gregford Schimpff. He convinced me that the time was now. That I needed to step out of my comfort zone and begin this journey. Not just for me, but for all the people I coached. The Conejo Valley and its surrounding communities needed a gym with an expert at the helm that could deliver. At the time many other CrossFits existed; however, a level 1 certificate and a few lifting courses hardly qualifies some one as a true strength & conditioning coach and  I wanted Precision to be a true strength & conditioning center. Sure CrossFit is what we do, but we are a full-fledged training gym, focused on building a stronger you–physically and emotionally. We can do sports performance, have a nationally recognized weightlifting team, and are home to TEAM PRECISION. Three years ago, this was just a dream. The ultimate turning point was when Greg stepped into the equation and agreed to partner with me on this journey. We barely knew each other, but he trusted me. He was willing to look past my faults, which I have worked tirelessly to outgrow, and to believe in what Precision could be. 

If not for my conversations with Greg and his words of wisdom, Precision could be a very different place. You see, I like to put my head down and work. I have been always been known as a guy who will outwork anyone. In fact during the first year of operation, I did not even look at the bank account so as not to be distracted from my goals. However, this does not make for the best coach or most approachable person at times, so with Greg’s tutelage and the advice of other close friends, I have found ways to be better at this. I remember something Greg said to my previous business partner at our final parting; it was something along the lines of, “Mike needs to leave here to grow further as a coach, with no restrictions. Opening up Precision will be a way for him to create his own programs and allow him to reach his full potential.” At the time I remember feeling a burst of stress over the pressure of this, but then feeling a sense of wonder about what this could mean for me. To have someone with that much confidence in me was scary. So, to work my ass off seemed the only way to manage that pressure. 

Three years later, and we have grown in a way that I could only dream. Precision is everything we wanted it to be and we are thankful to have found success at every juncture of growth. We are a community like no other. A family, if you will. I think the word “community” gets thrown around a ton in CrossFit these days, but what does it actually mean to that gym? In my opinion it is one thing to have a “community,” but is a whole different thing to have a “family.” We are bound by each other’s successes and failures. We genuinely want to see everyone succeed. That defines family and that is what we are. Because of this we have found great success in the sport of CrossFit and Weightlifting. We have made great friends. Greg and I can say we are proud of what we’ve built here. We wanted to be the best gym in the area and I know we have accomplished that. Heck, we have even become one of the top gyms in all of So Cal and even the world. Not too shabby! And the job is not done yet. As we embark on year 4, we’ve got tons of stuff up our sleeves. My head is flowing with ideas to help propel everyone to the next level. Here’s to a fantastic 3 years! Bring on year 4!




3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings

10 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions





MIN. 1: Max Effort Strict HSPU (ADV. 4″ Deficit)

MIN 2: Max Effort Weighted V-Ups

MIN. 3: 10 Glute-Ham Extensions

*Rotate through 3 times.

**Work your HSPU positioning during Min. 1.


Deficit Dead Lift

5 @ 65%

3 x 5 @ 70%

*Work off your Dead Lift 1RM. Stand with both feet on a 45lb. plate.

**Keep yourself technically sound.




Dead Lifts (225/155) (205/135) (185/125) (165/115)

C2B Pull Ups


Roll & Stretch

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