As the first week of the open closes, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by how proud I am with everyone’s performances. You all kicked a ton of ass, and when I say you put forth gutsy performances that is an understatement. What was even more impressive was the energy within the box not on just Wednesday night but on everyday after. We were packed with positive vibes and all of you coming, not only to throwdown, but to cheer, judge, and scream your hearts out for each other. I could not be more proud to be a part of this community and to know all of you. Love you all, and can’t wait for the next 4 weeks! Team Precision is 6th place in So Cal and 74th worldwide as of right now, bring it on baby!!


4 x 500 M. Row

*On sets 2-4, Men try and maintain a 1:45-1:50 pace. Women 1:55-2:00. Do the best you can and have fun!!


Front Squat
2 @ 75%
2 @ 80%
4 x 2 @ 85%


Hang Cleans (225/135) (205/115) (185/105) (155/95)
Pistols (Alternating)

Hip Mobility

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