We do not have a competition team and believe strongly that everyone is a part of TEAM PRECISION. That being said TEAM PRECISION just booked its 3rd trip to the CrossFit Games Southern California Regional and is currently the 13th fittest gym in So Cal out of 294 Teams. In addition we are 115th in the world out of 4,237! That means that we are in the top 2% in the entire world! Precision that is extremely impressive and you all should be very proud of your performances in the Open as this year we had a record amount of people represent us.

In addition, special shout out’s to Katie Crowe who finished 34th in So Cal and will be repping the Precision Blue as an individual at Regionals this year. Moreover, we will have 4 Masters Athletes moving on to the 2nd round of qualifiers Greg Smiley, Debra Haley, Claudia Ragsdale, and Lynn Gay. It is super impressive to have 4 masters finish so highly in the world with an additional chance to possibly reach the CrossFit Games. Precision whether you consider yourself a competitive athlete or not we will continue to get the most out of you in all aspects of your life. Let’s hear it for TEAM PRECISION! I am a darn proud coach today!

-Together We are One


750 M. Row

*250 Easy, 25o Mod., 250 Hard


2 Rounds

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls 

10 Muscle Cleans


Mobilize Hips


Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean

5  + 5 @ 65%

5 + 5 @ 70%

5 + 5 @ 70%

5 + 5 @ 70%

WOD: (Compare to 8/26/13)


20 Min. AMRAP

2 Cleans (Start at 60% 1RM)

50 Double Unders

(Add 10lbs every round)

*Score = total tonnage and final weight lifted.

**You may only take 10 sec. between lifts!


Hip and Shoulder Mobility

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