You know these re-caps are starting to all sound the same. I mean the stats are similar. Team Precision had 6 teams compete at the Code 3 Triple Threat. Five teams finished in the top 5, four of which landed on the podium. We took 1st & 2nd in Intermediate Women, 1st in Advanced Women, 4th in Intermediate Men, and 3rd & 15th in Advanced Men. Sounds sort of familiar, right?

I think instead of gloating about our awesome accomplishment, it may be time to analyze why. The athletes that competed this past weekend, along with many others, put in countless hours of work. Due to this dedication to better themselves, they create positive habits in which they constantly reinforce such as good technique and reliable strategies. Now when these athletes went to compete on Saturday, they were very prepared. However, the final factor is having a positive athlete mindset where they could perform under pressure and I truly believe this comes down to the support of the Precision community.

As I arrived at the event, the Wall of Blue was out in full force. There were jokes, laughter, smiles, and a genuine sense that everyone was happy to be there. This positive environment created by the Precision faithful helped give our athletes confidence to perform. This confidence mixed with the creation of good habits in training allowed our athletes to be successful yet again. Success in sports is a group effort. When you have a positive support network, people that believe in you, and good reinforced habits… success becomes inevitable. I really feel that the performance of the Team Precision athletes this weekend is as much a product of our community as it is that athletes’ preparation. This weekends results were no exception.

Now that being said, here is some gloating. Our Precision girls are bad asses. They out lifted any other team in all levels and took 1st or 2nd in every workout. Our men were equally as strong, taking top 5 scores in the snatch ladder and setting PR’s. Shit, multiple athletes set PR’s on Saturday. Just like the ladies, our men took several top scores in the workouts. This was all done in a very competitive competition, well outside the friendly confines of Ventura County in the heart of competitive CrossFit…the Stub Hub Center tennis stadium floor. What a venue to put it all to the test. Way to go team!




100 Jump Rope Singles

3 Rounds

10 Push Ups

10 Air Squats

10 Bumper Jacks


Ankle Mobility



ODD: 5 HSPU  (Adv. Strict)

EVEN: Front Plank (At the :30 Sec. Mark Alt. Hip/Leg Raises)


Back Squat

3 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

1 @ 95%

*2 Rounds 3-2-1, then 3-2-1.




KBS (70/53) (53/44) (44/35) (35/26)

Box Jump Over (24) (20) (18)


Mobilize & Stretch

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