We would like to wish one of our resident bad asses, Matt Verbrugge, a very happy birthday. V, Mattimal, Verrrrbrrruuuugge or whatever colorful name you have for him, has been with us since the beginning. He is an extremely hard worker and more importantly a phenomenal human being. Whenever you need anything V is always there. He is the consummate competitor that will do anything for his team. He is a persistent and patient person that always leaves it all on the workout floor. We have had a ton of great times with V, and are excited for many more to come. Let’s hear it for V! Happy Birthday buddy! Enjoy your WOD!!



4 x 500 M. Row

*On sets 2-4, Men try and maintain a 1:45-1:50 pace. Women 1:55-2:00. Do the best you can and have fun!!


5 Min. of Shoulder and Hip Mobility


7 Min. of Muscle Up Work

-Ring Swing

-Ice Cream Makers



20RM Back Squat

Start @ 60% 1RM Back Squat

*Warm up your hips and get loose. Then perform 1 set of 20 reps. Go strait through without stopping. If 60% feels too heavy go lighter. It’s all good.



3 Rounds

50 Air Squats

30 Double Unders

7 Ring Muscle Ups

*May sub MU for 7 C2B Pull Ups and 7 Dips, Jumping MU or MU band Transitions


Shoulder Mobility

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