Such a great weekend! Many took part in our awesome team wod Saturday. So cool to see so many new people take part in the fun. It is always a pleasure to witness teams come together to achieve a task. Team wods bring out the best in people and regardless of who you are or your ability level everyone seems to have a great time. It was awesome watching Glenn go RX’d with the weight for her team. It was super cool seeing Katie E. throw down with two top notch competitors in Matt V. and Mike G., and hold her own. It was fun watching Crystal do more than half her teams thrusters. Then to see Seth, Adam, Chris and Lorie communicate with one another to figure out and complete the wod was awesome. We also had several dead lift PR’s; Matt V. a 15lb PR hitting 465, Mike G a 45lb PR hitting 375, Jill and Bonni each PR’d by 20lbs hitting 180, and Hunter went big PR’ing at 405! Not to mention, Glenn who just started with us a month ago hit 215lbs. This is the first time she has ever dead lifted. Phenomenal work done by all if I missed you my apologies. A fun Saturday to say the least. Thank you for being our ginny pigs, haha!


Little D’s first birthday was a blast Sunday. It was awesome to see so many members from Precision show up for some fun in the sun. It is amazing as a Father to see so much love from others for your child. Em and I thank you all. We ate some good bbq and enjoyed some fun in the pool. It was great to see some of those newer to the group show up and have a blast with us. A great weekend for sure! Fitness-Strength-Community


P.S. the gym was completely cleaned up and down on Saturday so no chalk allowed, hahahaha. Inside joke!

200 M. Run
25 Front Squat (45/35/15)
25 Good Mornings
200 M. Run

3xMax Effort Frog Stand

Pair With:

3×2 Weighted Ring Dips

*Go as heavy as possible

Front Squats
3×5 @ 70%

4 Rounds
20 KB Swings (53/35) (44/26) (35/18)
20 Goblet Squats (53/35) (44/26) (35/18)

Hip Mobility

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