This weekend was a blast as PC celebrated the birthdays of Hunter Knowles, Cory Thibert, and Billy Farah. With the energy of the open in full effect, our community came out in full force looking to have a great time with one another. It all started Saturday morning with an epic team WOD that encompassed one of our biggest groups yet. Throw in our popular lifting club before it, as well as some of our resident bad asses hitting “13.1” and you have a recipe for good times. Team WOD Saturday led to everyone meeting at Sky High Sports for some trampoline dodgeball organized by Hunter, where I was just blown away by the amount of people that showed up. Some serious dodgeball took place with our very loud and energetic group demanding an audience from others in attendance. Some awesome duck, dives, and dodges took place along with some great throws and catches with the occasional head shot or two, oops! It was utter madness but just a blast and so cool that we could all come together and have such an amazing time. From there we all showered up, and put on some real clothes for an awesome potluck bbq at the Smiley residence, where we continued our celebration of Hunter, Cory, and Billy. Once again the vibe was awesome as even some of our friends from Beachside CrossFit drove up for the action. Saturday was a blast, which only lead to a packed highly motivated Sunday for the masses that would take on “13.1,” yet again.

Precision was packed Sunday morning when I arrived, and knew it was just going to be crazy when I walked in the door, and it sure was. Many of our stud athletes went at it again, while others took it on for the first time, putting on some seriously gutsy performances! Mike Gallardo added a 25 rep improvement. Brian Fessenden threw up a 150 and had 3 minutes to get after 165, which was a little out of his range. Crystal Riggs added 9 reps to her already impressive score hitting a 177, while Katie Crowe, our top dawg for the week, added 6 more reps with a score of 187. A slew of other amazing athletes went H.A.M. and helped place P.C. 6th in So Cal for week 1 and 74th worldwide. Not a bad start and a terrific ending to an amazing weekend!



3 Rounds

30 Double Unders

10 Air Squats

10 Scorpions

5 Inch Worms


5 Min. of Shoulder and Hip Mobility


3 x 5 Hollow Taps

Pair With:

3 x Max Effort L Sit


Strict Press

3 x 5 @ 70%




For Time:

600 M. Run



Pull Up’s

Front Squat (145/100) (135/95) (115/75) (95/65)

Bar Lateral Squat Jumps


Foam Roll


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