The 2014 Wod Gear Team Series went off this past weekend without a hitch. Well at least it seemed like that for the athlete, hahaha. It was a fun day for everyone involved and an exhausting couple days for myself and crew. Many things went wrong, communication broke down but as always we persevered and put on a heck of an event for the So Cal community. I was really happy to hear how much fun all the athlete’s and spectators were having. It honestly made the entire day worth it. However, what made it all worthwhile above all else was seeing the 4 Precision CrossFit teams kick ass.

Seriously, there is something about it these days. I get chills down my spine when I see my athlete’s repping their P.C. shirts proudly. In a day in age where multiple athletes are getting various free shirts and sponsorship it really makes me feel good to see those, for that one workout, rep their home box. Precision is a place Greg and I put our heart and souls into. When we see our athlete’s happy, representing proudly, that makes you feel good inside. All the teams did exceptional against some top competition. Multiple games athletes showed up to battle it out at what is arguably the best team competition outside the games in the nation. Watching team “Traps and Wonder Thighs” consisting of D, Tyler, Katie and Danielle Hale almost take a podium spot was chilling especially against such top competition. However, a 4th place finish is not too shabby in a competition of such magnitude. As impressive as they were, I really enjoyed watching Cory, Mike G., Kristen and Sara battle it out as “Team Dunce.” They looked so prepared and like the Regional athletes I know they are becoming. If not for the weight in the 2nd portion of the “Flash,” I think they would have been a top 10 team, but 21st place is still pretty damn good! Right behind them was Smiley’s team; “Kilo Cakes” consisting of Lindsey, Laci, and Jose. They took 28th place with some awesome moments of their own. One of the best in fact was watching Lindsey and Laci destroy the clean’s in the “Flash” and take a top 10 finish. In 38th place was Matt V, Greg Marx, Mallory and Michelle’s team “Hakuna Tabata.” I love watching me some Matt V and Greg Marx, hahahaha. I think what it is for me is how unassuming they are yet always finding a way to kick ass. Mallory’s muscle ups are a thing of beauty and Michelle, well, she can move some serous weight! This team is not going to win the games but they had heart and that is what I admire most in all athletes.

The day was long. The sun burned hot and all four of our Precision teams battled to the end with smiles on their face. Team “Traps and Wonder Thighs” battled in every heat against top games athletes. They looked like they belonged out there with them and moved as well as any team could. “Team Dunce” and “Kilo Cakes” showed tremendous determination. Their no quit mentalities left blood spatter on the rings and screams of pain in triumph to the crowd of Precision CrossFit supporters. “Hakuna Tabata” never quit even when they were seconds away from finishing “Aquaman.” Everyone, had a blast and proved the kind of fire power P.C. has. A very special shout out to Danielle Hale for filling in last minute. Thank you CrossFit Overload for letting us barrow her. She is a top So Cal athlete and it was evident! Also, additional thank you’s to Tyler Whitcomb of C Street CrossFit and Laci Knight of CrossFit Training Yard for filling spots on “Traps and Wonder Thighs” and Smiley’s team “Kilo Cakes.” You two are serous beasts and amazing people. I will see you all at the next one, the 2014 Summer Shakedown!




kristinwg4CROWEWG14 LindseyWG3 Mattvwg MARXWGWGRUN14


500 M. Row


2 Rounds

10 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions

10 Good Mornings


Mobilize Hips and Low Back


Dead Lift

3 @ 70%

3 @ 80%

3 @ 85%

3 @ 90%



For Time:

1000 M. Run

50 H.R.P.U.

50 Weighted Sit Ups (45/25) (25/15) (15/10) (10/5)

2000 M. Row


Roll & Mobilize

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